Sardinia invaded by locusts, asked for a state of emergency


After a year they have come back and are destroying the crops. Grasshoppers are again a problem in Sardinia, particularly in the province of Nuoro. After the Municipality of Orotelli, that of Bolotana also resolved the state of emergency and asked the Region for help in the “biological catastrophe” in the fields of the middle valley of the Tirso. The insects have already destroyed the pastures and corn plants that were growing, as well as barley and oats. About 2,000 hectares and about forty farms from Illorai, Bolotana, Orotelli, Orani, Ottana, Gavoi, Fonni and Sarule are affected.

Failure to prevent

“The invasion was repeated due to the lack of prevention, despite the Region’s commitment to intervene with targeted contributions to allow agricultural operators to carry out the reclamation of the land”, say the administrators of the Municipalities concerned. Contributions had been requested for agricultural workers to till the soil in the autumn, so as to eliminate the eggs. In Bolotana, hundreds of thousands of locusts were reported already in the spring of last year.


The earliest invasion of locusts in central Sardinia dates back to 1945-46. Volunteer teams were organized to fight them by setting off controlled fires and brooms made of shrubs. According to Leonardo Salis, president of Coldiretti Nuoro Ogliastra, “the problem of locusts, despite all the work we did last year, has been underestimated. The damages are huge and mainly affect the companies that have invested in the countryside, that cultivate and protect the territory “.

May 28, 2020 (change May 28, 2020 | 08:20)


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