Sardines towards farewell, Santori: “We take a pause for reflection”


They were born in late 2019 in the squares, gathering close tens of thousands of people, in opposition to the rallies of Matteo Salvini, leader of the League, to populism and sovereignty. Hence the name Sardine, given to the movement, due to the physical closeness witnessed at the debut in Piazza Maggiore in Bologna on November 14, 2019: small and defenseless fish, which move in groups with force. After the consensus, an intense media exposure and the contribution to the regional elections given to contain the center-right vote, the Sardines now announce a pause for reflection. Their leader Mattia Santori has scheduled the delivery of a value manifesto on Thursday to be presented together with the founding friends Andrea Garreffa, Giulia Trappoloni and Roberto Morotti. Santori wrote on Facebook: Then we will say goodbye for a legitimate pause for reflection and rest. It won’t be the end of the Sardines. At most one watershed. Certainly a moment of sincere, correct and due confrontation.

Conspiracy paranoia

Cracks and disagreements had occurred recently in the management and representation of the political movement. Rivalries had arisen from many parts of the country against the original Bolognese nucleus. The letter confirms the intention of the four founders not to create a political party but to remain a pressure group, an intermediate body between politics and the active civic world or a link between the parties and civil society. On the other hand, there are many Sardines who push towards a more active role in politics and hope for the formation of a real party. The lockdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the current anti-gathering rules have meanwhile hit the Sardines precisely in their natural and foundational instrument: to cram into the square. Santori explained: The lockdown finished and politics can wait, at least that done in words. I’ve always had a clear idea of ​​what Sardines should have been when they were grown up, and maybe I was wrong to wait all this time to tell you. The Bolognese leader spoke of people who would like to discredit him to replace him. The internal disagreements weigh on me, the arguments over the posts and the conspiracy paranoia. Many times I have proposed to find an alternative to my person, he added, for a long time I worked to enable a structure that did not depend on me. Yet I realize that I cannot escape my responsibility for you. So it’s up to me to make the next move. I feel that the more we take political direction, the more we end up imitating others. The more we chase the likes, the more we fall into the trap of narcissism.

We need to organize ourselves

For Santori: we need to organize ourselves, but the structure we worked on objectively early for a group of people who don’t even trust each other, nor do they know each other. Before the skills, before the Facebook pages, before the strategies, the most precious stuff we have are the human relationships we have built. It would be a nice waste to ruin the friendships or connections that have arisen in recent months only for an unspoken or hearsay. And Sardines can’t stand waste. The bitter ending: almost June, we come from three months of screens, video calls, letters and drafts of posters. Life starts again and the troops are tired. I don’t want to take responsibility for generating a mass of frustrated rabid people who spend more time on the web than in real life.

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