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The Spaniard’s head technician in Honda: “Marc’s shoulder is fine, it will not be a different calendar to change our desire to win: 10 or 12 races does not count, he will have no less to lose”

Loaded more than ever to start a season that could bring him the ninth title in the MotoGP, thus reaching Valentino Rossi, Marc Marquez awaits the start of the championship in his Spanish home in Cervera. Meanwhile, between a motocross training with his brother Alex – who will be his partner in Honda HRC this year – and some eSports appointments for video games in the Virtual RaceMarc recovered almost entirely from his right shoulder operation at the end of last November, when he injured himself during the Valencia test. As confirmed by the Spanish podcast dedicated to MotoGP ‘Change el Mapa!’, His chief engineer Santi Hernandez. “It is quite positive to see Marc riding his bike again – says Hernandez -, especially after the operation. This forced stop for the coronavirus has been positive for his recovery and we hope that there will be no problems for the start of the season as it certainly would have been if we had started in March. “

Plan before the race

During the lockdown, Marquez kept in constant contact with the Spanish technician, being able to discuss together the strategy and some details related to the development of the bike: “We are planning some things at the set-up level in view of the first race, of how to leave after the break we had after the tests in Qatar. But now, if I have to be honest, we are not talking about anything in particular – says Santi – first we want to know officially when we will leave and from that moment we will organize meetings on the phone talking about the preparation of the first race, as we have always done “.

Is holeshot a possibility?

The new Honda is giving good feelings to the eldest of the Marquez brothers, but for Hernandez there is still some work to be done, such as the engine-brake: “When we slow down the bike we would like to gain more grip and grip on the front brake, in practice those aspects that made us suffer during the winter tests – he added – on the last day for some reasons we had gone a little off the road. Taking a step back has shown us positive things, but it will not be easy because we didn’t have a normal pre-season given Marc’s injury and the problems we had. ” While concrete are the possibilities to introduce theholeshot, a typical device on Ducati: “A house like Honda works on all aspects and we are trying different things, but I am still not 100% sure that we will return to having it – says Hernandez -. It would allow us to make a lot of money especially at the start, as we have seen in the other bikes capable of making a difference at the start. But for us it will also be important to understand Marc’s feelings “.

Many surprises in season

The championship this year could reserve some surprises, given the limited number of GPs and the reduced possibility of making mistakes for the drivers and constructors rankings and Hernandez doesn’t trust: “For me there will be many surprises – he says -, especially in the first races, also because of this long pause. When we arrive on a circuit after the Christmas break, there are always very fast drivers already in the first session and others who do not expect it but are in front of it. Still others who struggle to adapt to the motion. Anything can really happen. ” And again: “Every season is different, but this does not change our mentality and our main objective: to win. Neither the coronavirus nor 12 or 20 races. Whoever says that beating Marc this year will be easier because he has less to lose is wrong. : when you are with a driver like Marc the only thing that matters is winning, anything less is a disaster and it doesn’t matter if there are 12 races or 20 “.

The brother

Finally, Hernandez denies that the presence of the youngest of the Marquez brothers, Alex, can affect the eight-time world champion: “We don’t care who is in the box alongside Marc – he concludes -. If Marc wants to be world champion he must win over everyone, regardless of whether his brother is next to him. “

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