Sandra Milo had an illness


Sandra Mila had an illness. Protagonist of the recent chronicles for a hunger strike started in protest, the 87-year-old actress felt unwell on yesterday evening. To announce it was the daughter Debora, explaining why the mother was unable to intervene on the transmission of Rai Uno La Vita in Diretta.

How is Sandra Milo after the illness

“Mom is now resting – said Debora – she had an illness last night, the doctor came, then this morning she ate a little something, she had strong psychological stress, yesterday she was in Largo Chigi, she was received by Conte, many hours in the sun for this sit-in, the heat … It came from several days of hunger strike. All these things have caused an illness, now the doctor has imposed absolute rest on her. ”

The battle of Sandra Milo

Yesterday Sandra won her battle after weeks in which she raised her voice in every way to plead the cause of the show business workers in coronavirus times, from the hunger strike to the chaining under Palazzo Chigi, an episode with which she earned a meeting with Giuseppe Conte. The Prime Minister received it on Wednesday evening.

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“I went out with a raised heart because I said to myself: ‘There is someone who is seriously thinking about us.” These were the words of the 87-year-old actress at Adnkronos shortly after the hearing, then again: “It went very well, the President took note of the requests, I spoke to him a lot about the artists, about our field and he said that he will be interested and will do everything possible. Conte is a very careful person also from a human point of view, it is something that I have felt to the skin, my feeling is that he is a person who has a lot of love for his country! He said that will think of everyone. ”

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