Sandra Milo ‘chained’ to Palazzo Chigi, Conte receives her. “He is a great man”


Sandra Milo at Palazzo Chigi (Dire)
Sandra Milo at Palazzo Chigi (Dire)
Rome, 27 May 2020 – Blatant protest by Sandra Milo. The elderly actress “chained” in front of Palazzo Chigi, waiting for the premier Giuseppe Conte to give her an audience. The theme was the proposals of the entertainment world to overcome the coronavirus crisis and lockdown.
The premier Giuseppe Conte, informed of the actress’s protest, agreed to receive it. Milo, 87 years old, upon entering Palazzo Chigi, was visibly satisfied: “He is a great man,” he told the reporters around him.
And while she was tied to the barricades surrounding Piazza Colonna, where she remained for a few minutes, she said: “Conte is a politician of the highest quality, he is a politician of the past, at Pietro Nenni. Listen to us, we ask to be listen with great civilization “. In recent days, Milo had started a hunger strike to get the government to pay attention to the self-employed, VAT numbers, artists and operators in the world of entertainment, marked by the pandemic.

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