Sandra Milo chained, the advice of the Hyena and the meeting with Conte | VIDEO


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The famous actress had already started a hunger strike for the rights of self-employed workers and entertainment, which was interrupted after a call from the premier. But then nothing more: then our Alessandro Di Sarno intervened with his advice to make himself heard! Do not miss how it went, on Tuesday 2 June in Le Iene on Italia1 from 21.10

Sandra Milo, 87, and still an enviable force for demonstrate in defense of the rights of self-employed workers and entertainment: in recent days the famous actress had started a hunger strike to draw attention to these issues, which was interrupted after a telephone call by Prime Minister Conte. But after that call, nothing more.

And then our Alessandro Di Sarno proposed himself as protest advisor, and offered Sandra a catalog on how to do it as efficiently as possible. And the choice of the actress has fallen on the chain… the result? Finally Prime Minister Conte met you! Juri Carnevali was also with her, hotelier and member of the autonomous delegation and VAT numbers.

Do you want to know how we managed to organize everything, how did the meeting with Giuseppe Conte go and what happened next? Don’t miss Alessandro Di Sarno’s service on Tuesday from 9.10pm on Italia1.

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