Sandra Milo “chained” in front of Palazzo Chigi, received by Conte – Politics


The actress Sandra Milo, who had chained herself to the barriers surrounding Piazza Colonna, was received at Palazzo Chigi. The premier Giuseppe Conte, in fact, informed of the protest of the actress in favor of the self-employed in the entertainment world, agreed to meet her. Milo was visibly satisfied: “He’s a great man,” she told reporters around her.

“Conte is a politician of the highest quality, he is a politician of the past, at Pietro Nenni, listen to us. We ask to be listened to with great civilization”, said the 87-year-old actress, before being received, and that already in the a few days ago he had started a hunger strike to get the government to focus on the self-employed, VAT numbers, artists and operators in the world of entertainment, marked by the pandemic.

“It went well, he said he will do everything to help people. I was very excited, he was calm, he is a person of great understanding, he has a very human side,” said Sandra Milo exiting Palazzo Chigi. “He told me that today is an important day because the EU will give a huge number of resources”, continues the actress who concludes: “I am sure that it will keep its promises”.


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