Samsung unveils debit card – Hi-tech


(ANSA) – ROME, MAY 28 – Samsung challenges the Apple Card and unveils it
a smartphone payment management system called
Samsung Money. He leans on Samsung Pay and takes advantage of a card
debt of the Mastercard circuit, called “Samsung Money by
SoFi “. The card will be available to smartphone owners
Galaxy in the USA during the summer.

Unlike the Apple Card, Samsung’s is not one
credit card but debit card. “The account is secure, without costs
and rewards users for saving by earning an interest
higher than the national average of transactional accounts “,
reads a note from the Korean company. Like Apple
Card, the Samsung card did not superimpose the number, the date
expiry date and the CVV, information accessible through the
   Google may soon join the game. Second
the rumors leaked last month, in fact, the colossus
Californian would be developing his debit card, either
‘physical’ than virtual. It would rely on the payment system
‘mobile’ Google Pay, and would be usable for paying both in the
stores, both online and via smartphone. (ANSA).


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