Samsung thinks about the return to removable batteries on smartphones: here are the details leaked


Samsung seems to be willing to sell again smartphone with removable batteries. In the last 10 or 15 years there has been great evolution in the design field and the need to make increasingly thin and light devices has sacrificed some characteristics of the devices of the past.
There removable battery, useful to rejuvenate a device for years or to multiply its autonomy, perhaps the most obvious one and Samsung would like to put a piece to the problem, according to rumors leaked online recently. Specifically, the company would be thinking of equipping an entry-level device (clearly not one of its fashion flagships) with a battery that can be replaced, just as it was years ago before the arrival of the iPhone (and some time later).

At the moment all we know about this device is the model number: SM-A013F, while commercially we could see it proposed with the name Samsung Galaxy A01e. Samsung has proposed several smartphones with removable batteries in the past, even in the higher market segments and when other competing manufacturers had switched to more modern and less functional designs.
After years that the concept of a smartphone with a non-replaceable battery had been cleared through customs, Samsung has attempted the coup with the Samsung Z series powered by Tizen, also launched (with not too much luck) with removable batteries. We still know very little about the SM-A013F device: a model in development and it should have, in addition to the replaceable 3,000 mAh battery, a memory compartment equipped with 16 or 32 GB of internal storage.


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At the difficult, if not impossible, moment to think that a mass return of removable batteries, even if only in the lower end of the market. The top of the range today offer features unthinkable with a battery that can be replaced (for example the IP resistance to liquids, in addition to the very thin designs), but who knows if with the new device of the Koreans something will not really change in the low end.

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