“Same classroom behavior, just don’t fuck ***” – Libero Quotidiano


Italia Viva, by deserting the immunity vote on the Open Arms case, effectively avoided the trial of Matteo Salvini (unless the courtroom decides differently). The leader of the League got a “no” to the indictment, after being accused of kidnapping for detaining 164 migrants at sea. A move, that of the ex premier, well thought to which – second Augusto Minzolini – the motion of no confidence denied to the grill Alfonso Bonafede would have been a forerunner. If you are a guarantor, this is the reasoning of Matteo Renzi for the background of the Newspaper, you do them all the way.

“In addition to guaranteeism – he explains then Michele Ansaldi – we will take away the satisfaction of showing how Conte and Di Maio shared Salvini’s choices on Open Arms “. That’s exactly why Italia Viva claims its position: Giuseppe Conte is Luigi Di Maio they were well aware of what the former Interior Minister was doing off the coast of Lampedusa. Just think that the three were in government together and that they signed, always together, the Security dl to limit the arrivals of migrants from the boats. But it does not end here, because it is no coincidence that Renzi is the best known scraper in the history of politics. And so the Iv leader once again stands as the decision maker of the government. “The move on Salvini in the bargain – he explained to his second Minzolini – was appropriate. If we are guarantors we could not do otherwise. I don’t care if I lose consensus. And we will do the same in the Senate room. Provided that Salvini does not do ca ** ate“.

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