Salvini, The Beast is in crisis and the polls continue to decline


Salvini, Gregoretti hearing in October. The Beast in crisis: how to get out of it?

The paradox is that, as Lega says, the processes a Matteo Salvini they could revive us. And so, what should be a relief – the postponement of the trial on the affair of the Diciotti ship to the former Interior Minister, set for July 4 but now postponed in the Covid case – could instead prove to be a tile on the political strategy of the Carroccio. Which is to seek immediately, otherwise the polls continue to fall, a strong theme to ride to revive Salvini’s leadership. And justice, or the fury of the prosecutors against the patriotic action of defense of the Italians and blocking the entrances of illegal immigrants conducted by the former owner of the Interior Ministry, lent itself to the need, and remains an excellent dish to feed the Beast: the propaganda machine that made Salvini’s success on social media, and everywhere, and which has long since jammed. One possibility, for the Northern League propaganda and for its viral penetration system directed by Luca Morisi, would be tomorrow’s vote in the Council for authorizations to proceed.

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Open Arms, Salvini defends himself: it was not for Italy to offer a safe haven

It is decided in the Senate, whether to say yes or no to entrust Salvini to the judges for the affair of the Open Arms, always linked to the landings of immigrants and with a serious pending charge for the former minister: kidnapping. On the upper floors of the Carroccio, there are those who say: «It would be better if the Junta said yes to the request of the judges, so we set up a beautiful campaign on the persecution against Salvini, strengthened by the interceptions just published in which the magistrates say plague and horns of him and claim that it should be stopped in every way. ” What if Salvini saves himself and wins the no on his delivery to the prosecutors? Among the 33 members of the Board for authorizations there is a tie between yes and no. IS the balance is Senator Garrusso, former M5S, passed to the Mixed group, lawyer, very justicialist but this time – if only for reasons of visibility – he could say no to the authorization for Salvini. Which would save the lumbard chief. Or, in fact, would it damage him by taking away the martyr’s aura and the possibility of exploiting the weapon of “judicial fury”? It would be an absurd question, if there were not, as mentioned above, the need to find a very strong issue for the League to ride in order to get back on track. The numbers of the Beast, which was the leaven that brought the Carroccio to 34 percent in the polls before the gradual descent that seems to stop, they are very worried because they are these: the sentiment, that is the value that emerges by analyzing the comments under each post of the boss Northern League is going down precipitouslyin January to today it is below 8 points. Human says it, a web and social listening platform born from the collaboration between the Social Observatory and Spin Factor, but also analysts from the Democratic Party. Who note with satisfaction the “unhappy degrowth” of the online salvinist power.

Migrants, shield for ministers. «Avoid another Salvini case»

A battle of great impact, they say to the League, can revive us and give back to the Beast all its ferocity. However, not only the judicial field is likely to prove less profitable than one might hope for. The postponement of the regional elections to the end of September, and not in July as hoped, is also a circumstance that does not help. “I need to be among people,” says Salvini, “and we go down in the polls because I couldn’t stay because of the lockdown.”

Being among people means doing rallies relaunched by the Beast on social media, reap thousands of selfies that go viral by Morisi, travel around Italy immortalizing every step of the Captain (from eating to pop walks) and so on. “But with the vote in September, we will have the summer to go around,” is the consolation of Salvini and his followers. However, the risk is also in the ballot boxes. Because the descent of the Beast and the end of Salvini’s media dominance began with the defeat in Emilia Romagna in late January, that is, before the advent of coronavirus.

Gregoretti, for Salvini the Prosecutor’s Office is moving towards the acquittal request

And now if the Northern League victory in Veneto is insecure, but there it is Luca Zaia and the winner in September will be more him than Salvini, in other regions the game is very tough for the League. Which risks, Veneto aside, to remain empty-handed. But this will be seen. Meanwhile, to revive the Beast, there are three options. The latter appears to be the most valid one. The first: go back to insisting on the issue of migrants. But it is a propaganda weapon from the past, given that today more than landings, Italians are attentive to how much state aid they will receive due to the economic crisis triggered by the COVID-19. The second: the controversy against Europe. But it is not so easy to use this lever, when Europe seems to turn out to be less dirty than it has always been painted, above all but not only by Salvinist propaganda. The third: the Beast that rides, that raises and annexes to Northern League social protests which gradually and inevitably will occur between summer and autumn by the categories impoverished by the economic collapse. “This will be the field in which we will make ourselves felt more,” say Salvini’s men. And the room for maneuver is indeed wide in this field. Provided that you can go back to the streets, that is, that Covid really slows down your grip, that you can reactivate the rally-selfie-virality nexus, and that above all you can get the message across – essential in this phase of rampant fear and desire for reassurance – that Matteo the rediscovered star (?) of social media is not only a skilled agitator but in the first place an effective problem solver.

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