Salvini-Renzi axis from the Senate to Lombardy. The complaint of Pd and M5s


Table tennis. Go to the Senate and then Pirellone in the hole. It is not known whether the “unpublished” Salvini-Renzi axis is just a coincidence, as the spins of both sides ensure. The fact is that three hours after the rescue of Italia Viva at Palazzo Madama on the Open Arms affair – the Immunity Council has in fact rejected the request to send the League captain to trial thanks also to the non-participation in the vote of the three senators of Italia Viva – in the Lombardy Region you can see another clue that goes in the same direction. Patrizia Baffi, regional councilor of Iv, was elected president of the Covid emergency investigation commission with 46 votes, but with the support of the center-right and in particular of the League. And a commission on which Pd and Cinquestelle placed different expectations by virtue of the 15 thousand deaths in Lombardy alone. The charge would lie with the opposition, the Democratic Party has indicated Jacopo Scandella, but the latter has been defeated by Renziana Baffi.

It goes without saying that as soon as the tear is consumed the news has undergone a national echo. For the sole reason that a passage not dissimilar took place in Parliament, 600 kilometers away. Pd and Cinquestelle rise. Andrea Orlando, deputy secretary of the Democrats, warns on twitter: “A coalition and a junta that have no to hide do not choose the president of the commission of inquiry that competes with the opposition”. The suspicion is that there is now a Renzi-Salvini axis, a sort of non-belligerent pact that unites Rome and Milan and would aim to end the executive led by Giuseppe Conte. “But Italia Viva, what is the government still doing there? It seems clear to me that here in Lombardy I have chosen to stay with the center-right, “exclaims pentastellato Daniele Violi. Pietro Bussolati, regional councilor and member of the national secretary of the Nazarene, relates the election of Baffi to Salvini’s visit to the regional council yesterday: “The minority had voted with 95% of the votes Jacopo Scandella (PD) in all previous attempts. Baffi only receives his vote as a minority and 45 from the majority “. Suspicions are growing. The democrats abandon the House, threaten to resign from the Commission and call for the descent to the streets “because in addition to the arrogance of errors there is a fear of discovering the serious political responsibilities of Attilio Fontana on this matter. We will continue to seek their political responsibilities, going beyond the fear of the majority, beyond the provisions of a domesticated commission of inquiry. ”

Be that as it may, Italia Viva rejects the accusations. Ettore Rosato, president of the party, defines the reconstructions of a Salvini-Renzi axis as “imaginative” and counterattacks: “There was no monolithic blockade of oppositions. Everyone presented their candidate. The Democratic Party took the votes of the Democratic Party, the Cinquestelle obtained the marks of the Cinquestelle and Più Europa collected the votes of Più Europa ”. But Patrizia Baffi got away thanks to the support of the center-right. Rosato’s response: “We knew nothing about it. I immediately called Patrizia and asked her to take a step back “. And how did you respond? “We will talk to you tonight.” So, at the moment Baffi resists. Moreover, sources within the regional council say that the profile of Renziana is considered “moderate” by the majority. “It is not as aggressive as its coalition colleagues in the Democratic Party,” murmured from the League. But there is a detail that perhaps explains better than others what was consumed in Lombardy: fifteen days ago the new president of the commission of inquiry, born in Codogno, the first outbreak in Lombardy, did not participate in the motion of no confidence towards the Health Councilor Giulio Gallera. The reason? “It is an inappropriate act,” he explained. A gesture that was highly appreciated by the center-right majority. So what will become of the resignation as requested by Rosato? The night is long….

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