Salvini, no to trial. Giarrusso: “They wanted to influence my vote”


As might have been expected, based on the positions envisaged by the participants in the vote on the authorization to proceed against the leader of the League Matteo Salvini for the Open Arms case, the Senate Immunity Board voted by majority against the request made by the Palermo court of ministers.

A total of 13 votes from those who opposed authorizing the trial, including the former pentastellato Mario Michele Giarrusso and the grill Alessandra Riccardi, who decided to take sides against the line imposed by their party. “Interior Minister Matteo Salvini acted in public interest with the sharing of the government. The fact that there had been a written correspondence with the Prime Minister reinforces the idea of ​​sharing the government in the pre-eminent general interest”: this is the thread followed by Maurizio Gasparri, President of the Executive and rapporteur of the proposal to deny the authorization to proceed against the leader of the Carroccio.

To oppose the report, and therefore to stand in favor of Matteo Salvini’s indictment, there were 7: it is a senator from the Democratic Party, one from Leu, the former M5S Gregorio De Falco and 4 grillini. In defense of the former Interior Minister, 5 League senators, 4 belonging to Forza Italia, one from the Brothers of Italy and the autonomist Meinhard Durnwalder, ruled. To join the latter also the pentastellata Alessandra Riccardi and the now ex-senator of the 5 Star Movement Mario Michele Giarrusso, two positions bitterly criticized by the fundamentalists of Grillini who did not spare their attacks.

“Salvini acted within the government ‘s containment policy migration flows”, Alessandra Riccardi reported as reported by Agi, instead detaching herself from the line of movement: a departure that could lead to consequences, a bit like what has already happened to other dissidents.

“I expressed the same position that I had when I was group leader of the Movement in the Council for the authorizations to proceed for the Eighteen case”instead, Giarrusso declared to Ansa’s microphones. “The current issue, the Open Arms affair, is even clearer. Diciotti was an Italian ship, in this case the ship was Spanish, it was flying the Spanish flag, for the law of the treaties on the sea the safe harbor for the subjects who were above that ship must have been Spanish, recognized by Spain, who sent the ship and indicated the port of Algeciras. Therefore, referring also to the position expressed also by the activists of the Movement on Rousseau, who had voted on the Eighteen issue in one direction, I kept my vote coherent to allow not Salvini, but the Minister of the Interior, to do his job. Any interior minister must be able to apply Italian laws, and in this case there has been no violation “.

As for the rumors spread on the web about a political approach to the Carroccio, the former Senator M5S thus replied to Agi. “Switch to League? It’s not true. It is a voice put out of order to try to press and influence my vote in the Council on the Open Arms case “Giarrusso said, denouncing pressure and intimidation. The chaos generated “unleashed the haters against me”he added, announcing complaints against those responsible for setting the web against him.

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