Salvini: ‘I in government? I never pulled back ‘- Politics


“I have never backed down, we have ideas and I will repeat them even today to the government. The challenge of solving problems is part of me, last year with the M5s we had reached the no on everything and everyone, therefore it was useless to go ahead and bang your head, but if we were called to solve the problems … This is politics. ” The leader of the League Matteo Salvini said so, replying, on Italia 7 Gold, to those who asked him if he would be ready to return to the government.

On Bonafede “I think they had already made an agreement between Renzi, Pd and M5s I don’t know in exchange for what” and yesterday “Renzi said nothing is right in the Justice sector but we bet that in the next few days some armchair will come out?”, He Salvini said, adding: “In a few months we had riots in the prisons with 14 dead, injured policemen, escaped prisoners, 500 release from mafia, murderers, drug dealers and it was not clear who was responsible. They chose a power agreement, not I know what armchairs they promised Renzi or others “.

And speaking of the possible price increases, he said: “You need to check the prices and if someone is smart he must be caught, but put yourself in the shoes of workers and craftsmen who have been closed months without a lira and are reopening safely. We hope that this emergency will soon be over.


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