Salvini, commission of inquiry on China – Ultima Ora


(ANSA) – ROME, MAY 27 – “We will join the request of at least
a commission of inquiry to understand who has done and who hasn’t
done what because we could end 2020 with the absurdity of having
a single growing world economy, which is the Chinese one which,
after having voluntarily or involuntarily, it’s not up to me
judge him, caused a global pandemic, on the rubble of
this pandemic goes to buy businesses, data, telephony and
hotels in Italy and in the world “, he says in the Senate Chamber
Matteo Salvini of the League.
   “We can’t allow that; so I hope the Minister of
foreigners come as soon as possible to tell us what is the position of the
Italian government on Khamenei’s insane statements,
on the Chinese attitude, on the silences of the Organization
World Health Championships I ask for are put back in
I debate the contributions of the Italian Republic if not protected
the health of Italian citizens “, he concludes.


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