Salvini: “Chat of the magistrates in the newspapers against me, what does Colle say?”. But to write “should be attacked” was only a pm: Palamara


“The chats of the magistrates on Salvini: ‘He’s right, but he must be attacked’ “. It is the opening title of today’s edition of the newspaper The truth directed by Maurizio Belpietro, as well as one of the topics that became central in the political day. Because both Salvini and the parliamentarians of the League they signed very harsh notes to condemn “the magistrates” and their chats, appealing directly to the president of the Republic (and of the CSM) Sergio Mattarella. A generalized criticism to which the pentastellato has also joined Nicola Morra, president of the Anti-Mafia Commission, which considers the behavior of the “magistrates”. To read the article, however, the offending words are attributable not to ” magistrates“, But to a single magistrate. And not even to anyone: it is Luca Palamara, former head of the current Unicost and organizer of the dinners to pilot the appointments of the CSM, as well as investigated by the Prosecutor of Perugia for corruption.

In the opening article of The truth the circumstance is evident: no other magistrate besides Palamara says “Salvini is right, but he must be attacked”, even if that quotation mark becomes the title of the piece and the opening of the newspaper. Apparently, however, whoever spoke of the event – in the Chamber, on social networks and in official notes – he did not go beyond the title. This can be seen from the comments. “Bewildering scoop of the Truth, which reports very serious messages between magistrates against the then deputy prime minister and interior minister Matteo SalviniGreen parliamentarians write Giulia Bongiorno, Nicola Molteni, Jacopo Morrone and Andrea Ostellari. The same people who ask for Colle’s intervention: “We appeal to the wisdom of Sergio Mattarella, also as president of the Superior Council of the Magistracy, because what reported by the newspaper is very serious and intolerable – they said – The independence of politics with respect to judiciary“. “Salvini was minister and vice-premier and is now leader of the opposition – they added – Numerous magistrates of different currents, according to what emerges from the proceedings of the Perugia against Palamara, they agreed on the need to attack Salvini and oppose the Security decree. With what serenity of judgment – they asked themselves – will Salvini be judged in the trial against him which will be celebrated in Catania? “. Net of the question, there were not “numerous magistrates of different current“To want to attack Salvini, but exclusively Palamara.

Even the direct interested party stopped at the title: “With what serenity will the Justice? Does the Head of State consider these tones normal? ” he wondered Salvini. He then added: “On the trial I am calm, I defended the honor, security and dignity of my country. I’m not calm as an Italian, because if what the newspaper writes’The truth‘It is true – he stressed – that there is someone who administers justice in the ideal that the law is the same for everyone, I have some doubts. To hear the fact that one should be attacked only for political reasons does not make me feel comfortable in the mouths of judges ”. Again, the plural (the magistrates) with the singular (a magistrate, Luca Palamara). As mentioned, the pentastellated senator Nicola Morra also spoke on the matter. In the Chamber a Palazzo Madama he said: “It is absolutely inadmissible that, even in private chats, magistrates judge a minister as he has been judged” the leader of the League Matteo Salvini. “A magistrate is still part of a third body, the judiciary. There is a distinction of the powers “. Again, the pentastellato exponent fell into the trap of the title.

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