Salvini and Meloni submerged by 172 billion. Silent sovereigns and displaced by the Recovery Fund


Here is the day after of the Italian sovereigns, disoriented, disarmed by the Recovery Fund which will allocate to the country most affected by the crisis, ours, the monstrous figure of 172 billion, of which 82 in subsidies. In this way we can see the silences, the embarrassments, the dark faces of the Northern League who wander in a Transatlantic now used as an extension of the Montecitorio hemicycle. In essence, the proposal of the EU commission is even richer than that studied by the Germans and French. And so the right-center finds itself in the condition of those who do not know how to behave, of those who do not know how to react. So Lega and Fratelli d’Italia are in trouble. It is no coincidence that the Northern League captain breaks the delay after hours of silence: “European funds must arrive immediately, not in 2021 as foreseen by Brussels, after the approval of the new EU budget. Italians without work and without wages cannot wait for the times of the European bureaucracy “. After sixty minutes on the clock, the former Interior Minister is still answering Valdis Dombroskis: “That’s where the rip-off is! First make the reforms that we decide in Brussels, only then will we (maybe) give you the money! No comment…”. Meanwhile, ally Silvio Berlusconi, leader of Forza Italia, gloats and exalts the role of Europe. The blue troops show a certain happiness which translates into arrows that target their allies: “The trumpeters of anti-Europeanism are silent because they do not give breath to their sovereignty”. IS

And “the trumpeters of anti-Europeanism” refer to the voices of Alberto Bagnai and Claudio Borghi, the Eurosceptic duo of via Bellerio who spreads the Salvinist verb on social media. The first, Bagnai, yesterday released a press release that sounds like this: “The announcement of the new European resources ‘Next generation EU’ has aroused great enthusiasm in government sources, but must be carefully evaluated”. And again: “The 750 billion announced yet are not there, because they must be collected on the market with the issue of securities. In addition, these funds will be included in the framework of the EU’s seven-year budget, and therefore will not be available before 2021, as Commissioner Hahn confirmed. Finally, even the part theoretically distributed as a non-refundable fund will have to be reimbursed through new taxes on production and consumption “. While Borghi has used multiple tweet to reject the Recovery Fund. One of the many is the following: “Rain of billions but who knows why it thinks back to Mes. Tell me first when you admit that you have been taken for a ride. Tell me a day and a way beyond which without the money you will finally realize what the EU is. ” So far the hawks of Northern League.

Then there are the doves and they are certainly not few. Some are found in parliamentary committees, others in the Transatlantic. But all, none excluded, just to hear the double word “Recovery Fund” prefer to dismiss the question or at most to reply thus: “I have not studied it”. “Let’s wait to see the final agreement.” “But when will this money come?” The stable order sounds like this: “Today we are not talking about the Recovery Fund with the press”. Better to focus attention on Palamara and surroundings. A clear sign that the debate is being accessed in those parts and that there is not only a general embarrassment but an underground clash between the leghism of the Beast by Luca Morisi and the moderatism of Giancarlo Giorgetti. Not by chance, on these columns Massimo Garavaglia, moderate league player by definition, opens a window: “From the EU every positive thing is welcome”.

And Brothers of Italy? The other leg of Italian sovereignty does not shy away from the reporter, but does not accept that yesterday’s victory is a victory for the government and for Europe. Ignazio La Russa, the top manager of FdI, raised: “Maybe it’s a result of our persistence. It’s not that when your theses begin to dawn you’re happy. It’s just a dawn. ” So, from the parts of FdI dawns. Translated? “Giorgia (Meloni ed.) Is very realistic. Let’s see if something moves in Europe ”. It goes without saying that this is not a “yes” but it is not a “no” either. “Let’s wait to see the details. It is always our money that gives us back, ”echoes Giovanni Donzelli, another 90-year-old from the party of the heirs of the National Alliance, who certainly does not cheer for the Recovery Fund.

In this journey into the souls of the right-center, those who do not hide and above all do not depart from their position of responsible, pro-European force are Silvio Berlusconi’s party. The Knight, as an MEP, followed the Brussels negotiation step by step and said he was more than favorable. And it is a sentiment that is reflected in the words of Giorgio Mulè, Member of Parliament and sole spokesman for the Chamber and Senate: “The road is the right one, the goal is acceptable: it is now up to the Italian government to live up to this challenge, leaving aside the drift of welfare and instead putting on the path of staying alongside companies by desertificating bureaucracy “. Is sovereignty defeated? “Of course – Mulè replies – it weakens those who thought that Europe was another victim of Covid instead in this case the EU shows that it has the necessary antibodies to make Europe”. The vice-president of senators Lucio Malan shares the same opinion: “The Recovery Fund is positive. Let’s just hope it’s fast and used well. ” So, we are the usual. The right-center is in no particular order, without a common agenda. With a detail: the sovereigns are damned to make lions in the populist arena, while Forza Italia adapts to the most appropriate role: the jaguar’s friend.

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