Salt the Mose, people watch from the beach – Last Hour


(ANSA) – VENICE, MAY 31 – Public show with people
to assist from the beach and from the Alberoni dam, for the
double lifting test of the Mose sluice gates,
today, 19 at the mouth of Malamocco harbor, visible precisely from
Lido, and 18 in that of Chioggia. A test completed with
happened, the last one before the general rehearsal on June 30th.

The rise of the dams in the lagoon began shortly after 1pm
and ended at 15, with the barriers still raised. A
testing carried out with good weather conditions and calm sea.

The delivery date of the planned large hydraulic project
to protect Venice from exceptional high waters, it is
confirmed on December 31, 2021, but as early as next autumn –
confirmed the extraordinary commissioner Elisabetta Spitz –
it will be ready for operation in emergency situations.


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