Sale of Ast al Mise, spin-off of Thyssenkrupp in October. Tubificio orders drop, -80% //


by Marta Rosati

«We do not yet have formal offers because we have not opened a procedure, but we expect that several international groups will be interesting on our site. We are not a company in crisis. In terms of investments, compared to the agreement of June 2019, Ast boasts a +3.5 million and is in line with the improvement of the production capacity of the cold rolling mill. The slag project continues, albeit with a slight delay due to the lockdown, but the forecasts for volumes cannot be at pre-pandemic levels. In April, we worked at just over half of the production capacity and from here to the end of the steel year (30 September), an estimated -35% of melt compared to one million tons is estimated as a ‘bridge agreement’ target. ” This is a fundamental step in the intervention of engineer Massimiliano Burelli during the call with the Ministry of Economic Development.

Burelli The CEO of Acciai Speciali Terni and CEO of Thyssenkrupp Italia has also announced that the demerger of the German group, as planned by Essen and therefore with the departure of Ast from the core business, will not see the light before next October. The number one on Viale Brin also clarified the commercial issue on Thursday morning: “Terninox and the Essen structure will be part of the search for a majority shareholder or new owner”. Compared to this, Federmanager calls for maximum transparency so that it is clear at the time of sale what the reference markets are. From Burelli also a reference to the dramatic situation of the Tubificio, historically known as the ‘flagship’ of the steel mill but for a long, too long ‘special surveillance’: «There is a reduction in shipments of finished product of 80 % ». There is also little market for the so-called white (the steel destined for the appliance chain), -30 / 40%. Unions straighten the antennas: with important production discharges, net of shifts reductions, there would be no more guarantees for the temporary workers.

Economical progress To coordinate the Mise videoconference, convened after the announcement last week by the German group of wanting to carry out a strategic realignment, the deputy head of cabinet Giorgio Sorial, who followed the AS events at the time of the last agreement signed at the ministry and the undersecretaries Alessandra Todde and Alessia Morani. Several Umbrian parliamentarians were present; Minister Patuanelli absent and, at his information earlier this week in the Chamber, Burelli replied: «For Arvedi and Marcegaglia, a vertical upstream would be useful but they will not be the only ones concerned. The time for a sale or partnership operation will be long – he reiterated -. A financial advisor has not yet been appointed, and then there will be a call for expressions of interest, due diligence, non-binding offer and so on ». The President of the Umbria Region, Donatella Tesei, the commissioner Michele Fioroni and the mayor of Terni, Leonardo Latini, are connected with the Mise. The national and territorial unions of Fim, Fiom, Uilm, Fismic, Ugl and Usb are also at the table.

Tesei The government, through the subsegreatria Morani has announced the desire to draw up an industrial plan for which sector will shortly call a dedicated table. In the meantime, in the ministerial session, the President of the Umbria Region Donatella Tesei said: “We will keep the utmost attention to the path that the German multinational ThyssenKrupp is taking with regards to the future of the Ast of Terni. A fundamental reality for our region and for the whole country. For our part, we have already confirmed the economic commitment made in the past by the same region. Now it is necessary to supervise the next choices of the property that expressed its intention to sell or otherwise find a new partner for the Terni site. We believe it is essential – stressed Tesei – that Ast is considered as a national strategic industrial site. Together with the Government, as we said, we are ready to supervise and actively participate in the process that will lead to the sale of the company or in any case to the arrival of a new shareholder. A process that may not be temporally rapid and it is precisely for this reason that the transition period must be managed in the best possible way, guaranteeing production and employment levels. New members must be able to present a valid and sustainable industrial plan from a production, employment, financial and environmental point of view. A plan that therefore strengthens – concluded Tesei – the industrial prospects of an integrated cycle, which goes from merger to marketing ».

Latini “The recent decisions of Tk on the Terni site – said the mayor Latini – have aroused considerable concern in the city, both among the institutions and at trade union level: a concern that concerns the methods and timing of the complex partner search or sales operation , and then the final outcome for how it will affect the future of the company and therefore also that of the workers and the city economy. We are in an epochal phase, not only for Terni but for ThyssenKrupp itself – Latini said – and it is now more important than ever to share the objectives and to be all on the same side in the interest of the site, of the local economy, but also of the national one. It is therefore essential that the strategic nature of our site is recognized within a national plan for the steel industry which must take shape as soon as possible in the awareness of the importance of this sector, in particular with reference to special steels. It is equally important to push for all interventions that can help support our industries, especially energy-intensive ones. In these months that separate us from the final decision, I hope that there will be cohesion and participation in maximum transparency in all the complex passages that will lead to the outcome of this new chapter in the very long history of the Terni steel mills that deserve the utmost consideration and maximum respect. ».

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