Sala says he will “remember” the regions that will not welcome the Lombards


In a video published on his Facebook page, the mayor of Milan Beppe Sala criticized those regions which, in view of the reopening of travel scheduled for next June 3, are hypothesising to put restrictions on the influx of tourists from Lombardy, due to the high number of people infected with coronavirus present in the region. On Tuesday out of 397 new infections identified in Italy, 159 were identified in Lombardy.

Sala says that some regional presidents, whose name he didn’t want to name, are thinking “of an immunity license or something like that,” and it is to them that he addresses:

«Here I speak as a citizen, even before being a first citizen: when I decide where to go for a weekend or a holiday, I will remember it»

Sala has instead explicitly appointed the president of the Liguria region, Giovanni Toti, who “says he will welcome the Milanese with open arms”.

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The regions that Sala did not want to name are probably Sicily and Sardinia, both governed by the center-right, whose two presidents in recent days have hypothesized to establish controls at regional borders to allow access only to people who can demonstrate their negativity to the coronavirus.

The hypothesis has been criticized not only by Sala but also by the government and the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, who explained that there is currently nothing similar to an “immunity license”. The swab, in fact, demonstrates the negativity to the virus only up to the moment the sample is taken and does not ensure that the person is negative even in the following days and weeks.

Given the time required to collect the samples and analyze them, it also seems impossible to subject thousands and thousands of travelers to this type of check upon arrival at a tourist resort. Serological tests, on the other hand, faster and easier to perform, show only if the person tested has been infected with the virus, but they do not serve to understand if the infection is still ongoing.

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