“Sad the presidents who do not want to leave in order not to pay wages”


Guest of the conference “Sport today: from the emergency to the restart”, organized by the University of Bologna and the sports law magazine, Gabriele Gravina, president of the FIGC, talked about how the Federations are managing these difficult months related to the coronavirus pandemic that forced football to stop: “In the past two-three months I have experienced many moments of great exaltation, even if always accompanied by careful and responsible prudence. I have always maintained that my determination was dictated by making people understand what the world of football represents in the panorama of sport and above all the Italian economy. There is the economic dimension, but there are many others: we are talking about an extraordinary social factor, not only an economic one. It generates enthusiasm, multiplies a lot of passion towards the world of sport and economics. we find in a particularly delicate moment of our life: the epidemiological diffusion from Covid-19 has distorted the views of each of us, has changed our habits and questioned any type of interpersonal relationship, but all this has never broken the thread of love that binds football to our country, to Italy. Even when everyone was still and suffering, football wanted to show its positive side, to differ enza of that demonization to which it has been subjected, even with extraordinary initiatives such as making our technical center in Coverciano available. It’s a home that has hosted 48 positive patients. “

The number one of the Federation then explained why, from his point of view, the restart already in this season has never been in discussion: “Lto our need for restart it is consecrated within our DNA: we call ourselves the Italian Football Federation. For me it was a very sad parenthesis, and I will make it clear, to note that in the world of football some do everything they can not to play, convinced that in this way they would not pay some monthly payments to their members. It is a perverse game that of a company that does not want to play to limit the damage. All this convinced me to carry on this battle. I know how many Italians think that one should not play: I understand that it will be sad to see the games behind closed doors, but if the economy of our country starts again, it cannot fail to restart one of its most important industries “.



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