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In the service of the Hyenas on Lotito which will be broadcast on Tuesday (has been postponed pending a reply by the president of Lazio), there are very heavy charges against the owner of the biancoceleste club. To move them is Luis Ruzzi, Argentine, ex agent of Mauro Zarate, in the past intermediary in operations that concerned Batistuta, Balbo, Simeone, as well as head of the Argentine delegation to Italy in the 1990s. An anticipation of his statements was sufficient for convince the federal prosecutor, led by Giuseppe Chinè, to open an investigation.Everything starts from the contract signed by Zarate with Lazio. Ruzzi says: “I want to report the serious irregularities committed by Lotito. When Mauro was to sign the contract, he presented us with an offer, 20 million in 5 years, and we accepted it. But on the last day he told us that he would give us 7 million while the other 13 would come through a friend of his. It was Riccardo Petrucchi, a Fifa agent. The money would have been paid to a company that Petrucchi had in London, Pluriel, and from this it would go to another company that Sergio Zarate, Mauro’s brother, had specifically opened in Mouguay, Uruguay. The money traveled like this, so as not to pay taxes, INPS, IRPEF: an important escape“.

It is clear that even Zarate and Ruzzi – if all this is true – commit an irregularity, accepting payments in black: “But so far I have not said anything because I feared to affect the player.” Tell us what happened: “Mauro returned to Lazio after his loan to Inter and was put out of the squad in October. It has suffered a lot. The reason for the exclusion? Lotito was supposed to give us 3 million and instead he didn’t, he didn’t pay money to Pluriel “. But Pluriel herself – claim the Iene – sued Lazio and obtained payment: “But he didn’t turn the 3 million in Zarate. For this we now want that money from Lotito: he was the one who introduced us to Petrucchi and is responsible for it “.But it doesn’t end there. Ruzzi’s accusations against Lotito are equally harsh when he leaves the Zarate case: “With him it’s not enough to be right: you have to find who gives it to you. I don’t know how the Federation never said anything to him. He ended up in the middle of Calciopoli, in the affair of the soccer bets they arrested the captain and he took him back making him another year of contract … (reference to Stefano Mauri, editor’s note). Not only: for 17 years he has been traveling with the state police who protect him, no one knows by whom, all paid with the money of us taxpayers“.

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