Russia – Russian Mr. Covid, ‘nonsense, virus has low mortality’ – Specials


by Mattia Bernardo Bagnoli

“Coronavirus? It’s all nonsense.” Basically a collective hallucination.
In short, the usual influence. Maybe even less. The refrain is not new, especially taking a tour of the conspiracy sites. But if Alexander Myasnikov, or Mr.
Russian Covid, called by the government to “correctly inform” citizens about the epidemic and (really) to “fight fake news”, well, the music stops suddenly.
“It’s all nonsense, an exaggeration. We are faced with an acute respiratory disease with minimal mortality,” said Myasnikov interviewed by Ksenia Sobchak – former presidential candidate of 2018 – for her project on YouTube.
“Why was the whole world destroyed? I don’t know,” Myasnikov noted, adding that he is more concerned about the second wave of the virus for which he says “we are not prepared.” Myasnikov, doctor and TV presenter, is not new to the shootings. As the Moscow Times points out, he had previously estimated the probability of coronavirus spreading to Russia at “0.0%” and then called the country’s low mortality rate a “Russian miracle”. Finally he adopted a fatalistic approach.
“The infection will run its course and we will all take it,” sentenced guest of the television program of Vladimir Solovyov, the head of Kremlin propaganda. “Those destined to die will die: all on the other hand are destined to die.” At this point it won’t be surprising if a survey – published by Vedomosti and conducted on the Internet in five stages, from March 18 to May 26, in which more than 30,000 took part – indicates that “more than 20% of Russians believe that the epidemic is an invention. ”


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