Russia: draft law to block import for fundamental goods presented


Moscow, 21 May 10:01 – (Nova Agency) – A bill was presented to the Russian State Duma that would give the government the opportunity to order the import of goods currently subject to sanctions. Authors of the bill, available in the database of the State Duma, Senators Konstantin Kosaciov and Sergej Kisljak. The draft, if approved, will give the government the right to decide on the import into the Russian Federation not only of vital goods that are not produced in the country, but also of goods that are difficult to find in certain circumstances. The proposal concerns amendments to the law “On measures to combat hostile actions by the United States of America and other foreign states”. Currently, the “counter-sanctions” law allows to prohibit or limit the importation into Russia of products or raw materials by “hostile foreign states”, as well as to participate in public procurement. However, the countermeasures do not apply to essential goods not produced in Russia. “Under special conditions, as experience of the spread of the coronavirus pandemic has shown, there is a risk of a shortage of certain goods or components for their production. In the restrictive measures introduced by Russia in response to specific hostile actions by Ukraine, in fact, hygiene products also fall “included in the list of goods whose import is prohibited in the Russian Federation whose country of origin or transit is Ukraine”. (Rum) © Agenzia Nova – Reproduction reserved

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