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Ever since the judiciary was overwhelmed by the chat scandal that many exchanged with Luca Palamara – the Roman prosecutor investigated in Perugia – not a day goes by without someone asking for the intervention of Sergio Mattarella. Who remains silent, but is not insensitive to the “cry of pain” that arises from citizens for what is happening. Marco Antonellis writes that on Italy today ensures that the President of the Republic is following with “great concern and attention“The storm that is investing justice.

Al Quirinale are carefully reading the pages full of interceptions, but for now Mattarella is not publicly exposed. His latest statements on the Palamara case date back to a year ago, when he defined the picture that emerged from the investigation as “puzzling and unacceptable” and said that the time had come. “Turn the page” on the CSM. But since then nothing has changed, indeed the situation has become even more tangled. There are many pressures to bring about a dissolution of the CSM, but according to Italia Oggi it would be an “extrema ratio”, a hypothesis which, by the way, has never occurred in the history of the Republic.

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