Rt Lombardia drops: the region with low risk of infection


The future and past of the coronavirus emergency are contained in a series of graphs and tables. yesterday the update on the R

To stem the important risk, quickly track down and isolate new infections. The new regional indications require that all symptoms are reported by general practitioners and subjected to a tampon quickly. In the last two weeks 6,718 reports have arrived, says Gallera. Outpatient clinics for swabs are being activated in Milan Ats and the Usca units of medical guards can finally perform them at home. But if the response times were very quick for the first requests, doctors now testify that a little more patience is needed.

Serological tests conducted by the Lombardy Region also continue, useful to identify who has encountered the virus and developed antibodies to Sars-Cov-2. In addition to healthcare professionals, they are aimed at those who have had suspicious symptoms and been in home isolation during the lockdown and to the contacts of certain cases. Out of 42,681 patients 34 per cent developed antibodies. The figure decreases compared to the first results and fluctuates a lot according to the areas. In Bergamo’s ATS it reaches 58.3 percent, while that of Milan records the lowest value, 18.4, a sign that a large part of the population potentially at risk. Those who have antibodies are then subjected to a swab to check if they are still contagious and on average a small slice (about 10 percent) has the disease in progress. Among the 81 thousand health workers, 13.5 per cent of positives are confirmed. Long waiting times are also recorded for serological tests. I know we have some backlog, we are trying to speed up says Gallera. While the campaign of swabs in nursing homes has ended: 30% of the guests have found the virus. As for the day’s data, 293 new positives were identified yesterday, of which 72 in the province of Milan, 35 in the city. 57 died from the virus, for a total of 15,784 throughout the region.

May 23, 2020 | 08:29


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