Rome, tomorrow will open factories and free beaches (without lifeguards). There is the app but no booking


Rome, tomorrow will open factories and free beaches (without lifeguards). There is the app but no booking

An app to manage entrances, but without reservations. Those who come from other areas of the capital will have to hope that there is no traffic and that the data are updated in real time in order to start their run towards the free beaches of Host. Beaches which, however, will be – at least in the first phase – without lifeguards, since signs have been placed to warn of unsafe bathing.

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Uncertain times as to when the rescue service will go full speed. To speed up the schedule, the management of the 10th Town Hall would have hypothesized the assignment by direct assignment given the urgency to then “proceed with a public tender”, as the president of the 10th Town Hall, Giuliana Di Pillo confirmed yesterday in the Capitol.

In the Protomoteca room, in fact, the mayor Raggi illustrated the strategic plan of the sea. Sea Pass, this is the name of the application to download on your mobile phone, it will tell the Romans which beaches you can access because they are not crowded: it is forbidden to reserve a place in the sun, however. An emotional video shown during the presentation press conference – the first after the lockdown – explained how it works. The app will indicate the crowded state of the free beaches through three colors: green (free), yellow (half accessible) and red (fully booked). Those who have to set off towards Ostia will be able to ascertain whether there will still be spaces available on the beach or not (traffic permitting and trusting that the data will be transmitted in real time without incurring technical problems.

The poles positioned on the beach will then delimit the areas available to families (maximum 6 people in one of the squares) and indicate the space available. Far and wide on the coast there will be controllers who will board the quad from the tourist port to the beaches of Capocotta, checking compliance with the distances and preventing any gatherings. Who I am? “Our operators”, says the president Di Pillo and then specifies that these are municipal employees of the beach office who will be “demoted” to be spacers as lifeguards.

On the Ostia Ponente side, the free beaches will instead be manned by stewards – recruited through an interim agency – and by “volunteers of the national carabinieri association”, specifies Di Pillo and then adds: “we do not even exclude the possibility of involving the surveillance private. ” For those who do not find space on the beach, there is the possibility of walking on the promenade which will turn into a pedestrian area. The idea, at the time contested by the traders and even by the grillini of the coast, is the one already tried in the summer of 2014 by the mini-junta then of the center-left. It is about pedestrianizing a stretch of about four kilometers: from the roundabout in via Cristoforo Colombo to Giuliano da Sangallo. It will be equipped with benches and shaded spaces. There will also be a cycle path.

Two parking areas have also been identified where you can leave your car to move along the coast with your bike or electric scooter in sharing mode. “The plans drawn up by the offices for the poles count about 20 thousand people at the same time on the free beaches with this quota of accesses”, reiterated by the X Town Hall. which at the same time announced the arrival on the free beaches of Ponente – for the fourth consecutive summer – of the chemical baths. “But they will be beautiful wooden huts,” pointed out the Capitoline councilor Paolo Ferrara. The toilets must be sanitized with each use. “I am sure that citizens will be collaborative and responsible,” concluded Mayor Raggi, entrusting the management of summer 2020 especially to the common sense of the Romans.

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