Rome, tense relations between Friedkin and Pallotta: the Texan wants to abandon the negotiation


Dan Friedkin in recent days has made a new offer to take over Rome by proposing 575 million a James Pallotta, which however did not even respond considering the proposal insufficient. The US tycoon did not like this behavior, and the relationships that once seemed excellent now are no longer idyllic. It is possible that the negotiation jumps completely, since sources close to the Texan speak of an interruption of interest in the Romanist club. Meanwhile Pallotta let him know that he will take care of the Giallorossi accounts while the club remains on sale, perhaps hoping to get a new raise after the resumption of the championship. At the moment the hypothesis does not seem so close to come true, but June will be a decisive month. Maybe also thanks to Jim himself, who could take a step towards Friedkin by raising the last doubts about a negotiation that the managers hoped to see concluded as soon as possible. To report it is The Corriere dello Sport.


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