Rome, Raggi writes to ministers Gualtieri and Guerini: “Clear the buildings occupied illegally by Casapound as soon as possible”


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Evacuate buildings illegally occupied as soon as possible Casapound in the capital. Let it be the “historical” seat in via Napoleon III, in the Esquiline, and that of Ostia, in via delle Baleniere. The mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, has returned to go down with two letters sent to as many members of the government, Roberto Gualtieri is Lorenzo Guerini, holders respectively of Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Ministry of Defence, owners of the two properties. “If the state of actual need of the occupying families is ascertained, the mayor asked that ‘these be entrusted to public assistance'”, reads a note released by Capitol. An attempt to defuse also the possibility that any housing emergency could be exploited as a weapon to dissuade action by the public force. To the first citizen he answers The National Primacy, press organ of the arrow turtle: “For the mayor Casapound is an obsession worthy of Cato the Censor” reads.

The headquarters near Termini station and the prosecutor’s investigation – The best-known story is that of the Esquiline building, for years the national seat of the far-right movement. The building is owned of the State Property Agency and therefore of the Mef. Since the time of the abusive occupation, which took place in 2003, Casapound has housed as many families in 18 mini apartments “in housing difficulties”, But close to the militants. In 2009 the then mayor Gianni Alemanno inserted the building in a package of goods that the state property would have sold to the municipality, an understanding blocked by the protests that arose. The goal was to capitalize the building and regularly assign it to the “fascists of the third millennium“.

The case returned to the headlines in 2016, when the Raggi administration followed the eviction procedures – initiated by Ignazio Marino and by the prefectoral commissioner Francesco Paolo Tronca – of associations that occupied municipal buildings in a “non-regular” manner; among these the International House of Women or some historical sites of the Pd and of Brothers of Italy. On the other hand, the prefecture was concerned with drawing up a “ranking” of the 20 priorities among the 78 abusive occupations in the capital. In this top 20, however, the palace never appeared via Napoleone III, which did not have the characteristics of “urgency“Such as poor premises stability or a judicial slope. The perhaps decisive move, on Ray forcing, only came in 2019, when the State Property has filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor’s Office, initiating the opening of a file held by the prosecutor Stefano Albamonte, accompanied by another active proceeding in the Court of Auditors.

The “black” occupation and protests on the coast – Meanwhile, last April, in full Covid emergency, the militants of the Area 121 association – very close to Casapound – occupied another building, completely abandoned for years, in via delle Whaler in Ostia. The building is owned by the Air Force, therefore headed by the Ministry of Defense. The movement of the arrowed turtle claims that the space will be used to host the families in housing emergency. “For days we have been redeveloping a space abandoned for years to degradation in the heart of Ostia. A ceiling for 20 Italian families in difficulty and facing the crisis caused by coronavirus, but also a reference point for young people, the elderly, families and children “, reads a note.

Ostia is a fort for Casapound, with the local leader, Luca Marsella, which in the municipal elections of the 2017 managed to touch altitude 9% and his partner Carlotta Chiaraluce, at each consultation it turns out to be among the most voted women in Rome. For years, however, suspicions have hovered over Marsella and Cpi – always sent back to the sender – regarding the proximity to the Sword clan and his alleged friendship with former Sinti clan number two, Roberto Spada, today in prison. In recent days, the militants of the movement, with Marsella in their heads, had participated in a demonstration by local traders contesting the mayor, visiting the coast, and forcing her to remain stuck in her car for several minutes.

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