Rome, plane crashes in Neptune: two young swimmers dead. Video


ROME – An ultralight crashed in Nettuno, near Rome, near via Avezzano. According to what has been learned, there were two young swimmers on board who died in the crash: they are Gioele Rossetti is Fabio Lombini. On the spot the carabinieri of Anzio and Nettuno and the firefighters. According to reports from the firefighters, the plane would have crashed after takeoff and caught fire. The causes of the accident are to be clarified. The National Flight Safety Agency (ANSV) has opened an investigation. The Agency also sent its own investigator to the venue.

Aerial tragedy in Nettuno, images of the charred aircraft

Farewell to Rossetti and Lombini

From the first tests it seems that the plane crashed about 30 seconds after take-off. The aircraft touched down and caught fire. Investigations are underway by the carabinieri of the Anzio company. At the moment a technical fault is assumed. The accident cost the life of the pilot Gioele Rossetti, 23 years old from Rome and the passenger Fabio Lombini, 22 years old from Castrocaro Terme, both swimmers. As far as rebuilt, the ultralight was from Rossetti’s father. The young pilot had considerable flying experience. The aircraft and the whole area were confiscated. Rossetti was registered for theAurelia Swimming while Lombini, registered for the In Sport Red Frogs and for i Fire fighters, silver at the 2017 absolute winter championships in the 200 freestyle in 1’44 “60 behind Filippo Megli and in front of Filippo Magnini, already national at the Taipei Universiade and at the European short-tank championships in Copenhagen in 2017, he was carrying out a collegiate training at the federal center of Ostia followed by technical manager Stefano Morini and accompanied by his coach Alessandro Resch.

Rome, plane falls in the Tiber

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