Rome, Pallotta risks everything and aims to raise the market


ROME – Pointed like the bow of a hull to cleave the future, Pallotta’s steady hand deflects Roma’s strategies. Better not to rule out a flashback by Dan Friedkin, who reappeared on the balcony of the negotiation after months of apparent silence, but the latest news speak of an unreachable agreement, due to the enormous evaluation distance between the parties on the asset As Roma. And then Guido Fienga and his staff, who hoped for a change of ownership, must resume the work of financial equilibrium to bring the company back to acceptable losses without compromising the team’s competitiveness. The more or less stated goal is to save the most important players, that is Zaniolo and Pellegrini, but nothing can be said for sure if the accounts do not return.

DISEASES – If you read the words spoken by Javier Pastore a few days ago, a photograph of reality and not divination of the future, you can realize the climate of uncertainty that the same players breathe at the beginning of Covid’s summer: «Rome is highly indebted and has heavy losses. He will have to sell many of us and rejuvenate the squad with cheaper guys. As footballers, we are waiting to understand what will happen ». Pastore, for whom Roma is considering giving the card or even requesting the termination of the contract with a substantial incentive to leave, is part of that group of professionals that the budget can no longer support (4.5 million net per year). year), even more if the technical performance is not up to the remuneration.

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