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It’s not over, but it takes a few weeks to start over. The second round between Dan Friedkin and James Pallotta to return to talk about the sale of the As Rome has started but has yet to enter the warm phase after the suspension of the first due to the explosion of the pandemic. In February everything seemed ready after the meetings at the Eur headquarters between Friedkin Group number two (Marc Watts) and the Giallorossi leadership. Then the world stopped, and consequently also the negotiation on which, however, it was still necessary to file the last details. In these hours, however, the latest offer presented by the Texan tycoon has come to light, which has a 5 billion dollar assets and is CEO of Gulf States Toyota Distributors as well as president and CEO of Friedkin Companies. Rome would be managed personally by his son Ryan who is also a director and film producer.

FIGURES – There is talk of about 550 million euros. Of these, however, about 300 million are represented by debt as will be confirmed by the balance sheet at the end of June while 190 million was the value assigned to the company’s assets. Of these, approximately 20 million are the value assigned to the satellite companies they have in their portfolio, for example the Trigoria properties or the one created specifically for the stadium issue. While the rest 170 million are the value assigned to Rome as such. So Pallotta and his associates, who hold a controlling stake in Rome, of about 88%, would have received about 177 million in payment from a possible sale. More than 100 million less than the February offer. The offer would also include a payment to the corporate coffers of approximately 90 million, 60 as the end of the capital increase already launched and 30 for further liquidity needs which will be used to face the next season, pending market developments. Sand according to the latest rumors Pallotta would have refused having invested around 270 million in these 10 years. In reality, a real offer has not yet arrived because Friedkin (who has resumed contact with Pallotta) wants to wait for the actual resumption of the championship and have further guarantees on the stadium. For this last point the question seems to have put itself in the right position but it will be necessary that the Czech magnate Vitek conclude the acquisition of the Tor di Valle land by 30 June. An operation that, from 2023 onwards, would bring constant liquidity injections to the whole company. If all goes to check, Friedkin could revise the offer at a slight increase (600 million). At that point it will be up to Pallotta to decide the future of the club. With American partners who have been pushing for the sale for some time.

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