Rome, Friedkin-Pallotta: it’s arm wrestling


Then it was really true: the negotiation between Friedkin is Pallotta it had never stopped. The Texan has returned to office and it has not been the first time since the deal had stopped in early March due to the COVID-19. In the midst of a medical emergency, a month ago, Friedkin had offered 450 million, deemed insufficient by Pallotta. The new offer presented in these days, 575 million, includes the 20 for the satellite companies that make up the galaxy Rome. The 575 also included 85 million for the recapitalization (which would allow the Giallorossi club to armor the jewels, i.e. Zaniolo is Pellegrini) and 20 million loan to deal with the lack of liquidity. Friedkin had prepared a plan for which he would pay 200 million within 10 days and another 190 within a month. Friedkin and Pallotta have always continued to confront each other, the Texan tycoon has never abandoned the idea of ​​taking Roma. This offer would have allowed Pallotta to come out without losses and without even making the capital gain he had hoped to bring home in December. The offer presented in these days is a fair offer, intermediate between the initial one of 710 million and that of 450 presented in full lockdown. It also included a revitalization plan for the team. Pallotta did not reply and for Friedkin she ended up there. Sources close to the Texan tycoon say that he would no longer be interested in the deal. […]

Arm wrestling

The executives who run the company in a few difficulties would have preferred that Pallotta had accepted the offer, to finally turn the page. The message that comes from Houston it seems unequivocal: in the face of the new no of the president of Rome, Friedkin wants to definitively slip away from the negotiation. Now it must be Pallotta to take a step forward. The fans hope that Roma will get out of this limbo as soon as possible and that they can look to the future with greater optimism. The resumption of the championship could favor a revival by Friedkin, which is not currently foreseen. But a negotiation between two entrepreneurs who have always had good relationships risks turning into an arm wrestling. Meanwhile, in less than a month the championship starts again. June, also for this reason, will be the month of truth.

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Friedkin, new offer for Roma but Pallotta refuses. Here is the reason

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