Romamania: Pallotta ‘mai’ na gioia ‘, yet another confirmation of a mediocre owner. Friedkin think again! | A league


In Rome, to express a state of great bitterness, meaning to the world that everything is going wrong, there is a synthetic but very effective saying: “Never ‘na joy“. An adage that fits perfectly on the expectations that cyclically envelop James Pallotta: never ‘na joyin fact. And if i trumpeting and trumpeting proclamations about titles, glory, badges and team among the strongest in the world ended up behind physiological target results for a club the size of Rome – I refer to some Champions qualification and a wonderful unicum but certainly not the result of the programming, the European semifinal – systematically dismantled and then rebuilt until its definitive decay.Oh yeah, never ‘na joy. Especially that of seeing the expected handover between those who Pallotta, has nothing more to say here in Rome – if not through the panting drag of the stadium affair – and who would have deserved at least the benefit of trust in what he wanted to achieve, the evaporated Friedkin. Thepore Dan‘, as they would say in Rome, even if poor so to speak: according to recent reports he would have run away after having offered 575 million, plus 20 loan. Pallotta wants more and I certainly do not allow myself to make daring evaluations on how much Rome can be worth. Maybe James is right, maybe Dan offered the right one. We’ll see. The fact is that buyers are not seen on the horizon and the post-pandemic balloon crisis certainly did not simplify things. Now, to put the accounts back in place, there is only one way, which, moreover, is the hallmark of this mediocre property: giving in, giving in. Other than resisting, resisting, resisting. And, reading an interesting analysis by Massimo Cecchini on the Journal, I find that everything will be done to armor Zaniolo and Pellegrini. How? By selling Kluivert, Riccardi and Under. And so far the value is there, even if I tremble thinking about the names that will have to replace two talents that are still immature, but unquestionable. Then there is Schick, and hopefully Leipzig will keep it. And then, listen, you have to sell Bruno Peres, Juan Jesus, Pastore, Perotti, Fazio. For engagement, age or precarious physical conditions (or all three things …) go and sell them to someone, go! Ah well it doesn’t end here. Florenzi has to be fixed and then Spinazzola (remember how much they paid for it?), Not to mention those who return to the base: Olsen, Coric, Gonalons. Remember how much Coric was paid? Never mind.

Now, the question that at levels of “never ‘na joy” touches unknown peaks: If you can’t make money, in the intention of keeping Zaniolo and Pellegrini, what do you do with these two? I tremble in front of one of the hypotheses that I don’t even want to imagine. So, Mr. Dan, please think again and don’t stop negotiating and take Roma. You will see, we will find ways to be grateful to you.

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