From the stadium already done to Mercafir that will never happen, to the restored Franks without the possibility of touching it, we are now in an author farce. A year of short stories told well, stories to envy Pirandello, but which certainly do not make Rocco smile back from a weekend of ordinary madness.

Try to imagine Uncle of America at his villa in New Jersey on a serene Sunday in May. Suddenly here is the news that has always been waiting for: “The curves of the Franks can be broken down, just save the Marathon tower, the spiral stairs and the monumental entrance, I think about it”. Words by Rosa Maria di Giorgi, authoritative honorary of the Democratic Party at work on a new law for stadiums, perhaps caught by an attack by Nardellian Optimism.

Bingo. Allegria.

But the poor man with stars and stripes he didn’t even have time to cheer screaming “minghia, here we are”, that little Italian politics makes him have a heart attack. Nothing less than that, the minister Franceschini in person personally, shortly after Di Giorgi’s words, he wrote one official note to deny dryly and sharply whatever, the words of the honorable Florentine, among other things his party companion.

Of the series “at least once they agreed”.

The blow to credibility and to the many illusory words said and repeated at all city levels in these days is really low. To crash god … would say that ….

Di Giorgi will then say that she spoke personally, but little or nothing changes. Indeed, perhaps it is worse. IS worse still is to blame the superintendent who respects the laws. We have already told you how the story of San Siro is different and not comparable to the Franks. Do not be fooled by those who tell you that the superintendent of Milan is good and that of Florence is bad, it’s not like that, both do things by respecting the existing regulations. As Franceschini said.

Now what do we do? What do you invent?

After betting on a lost cause and selling illusions since the days of the Della Valle, that is, the possibility of making the stadium at Mercafir safely, now that they had staked everything on another lost cause, that of the easy restoration of the Franks, and that too is shattered, what path will they take?

My feeling, but not from today, is that a situation similar to that of Samson with the Philistines is being experienced around the stadium. It has been widely understood that Mercafir is not good, that the Franks cannot be touched as Rocco would like, but in order not to let the stadium go outside the borders of Florence, perhaps for Nardella it is better not to do it at all. I hope to be wrong, but in recent months if it has not gone like this, what has happened is not otherwise explainable. If in Florence there are unfortunately no solutions, we cannot continue not to think, not evaluate and reject an extra-communal solution, we cannot continue to say that in Campi (for example) there are no infrastructures as if Campi were in the Belgian Congo. If the infrastructures are not there, they are ready and in a short time, we are on the plains, but there are no tunnels or bridges to be built. But I speak of Campi to give an example, the problem is the will to do or not to do certain things in Campi or in other possible areas. Engage and commit yourself.

I have been writing for months (and I insist) that in front of an entrepreneur who has 300 million in hand and wants to invest them by giving work and creating infrastructure, politics should convene a meeting to understand, analyze, propose and resolve. Involving everyone, from the Region (for infrastructure and permits) to the other bodies involved. To reason, to hurry, to take advantage of the opportunity. Among other things, they are all from the same party, it should be easier … E instead nothing.

So in ten days Rocco Commisso will celebrate a year of Fiorentina, Florence and Fiorentinità. A beautiful year in many ways and for many reasons, but also a year wasted chasing the idea of ​​a stadium that is not there. The stadium has become the island of Rocco, it is not there and perhaps never will be.

And to think that the uncle of America wanted to leave from the stadium to re-found Fiorentina and then to become a modern, dynamic and (over time) successful company.

Today those who speak with Rocco do not even know how to describe him. He cannot understand if he is angrier or more disappointed, perhaps both. In his eyes, this story of the last weekend has something incredible. However, his interlocutors are certain of one thing: Rocco will not give up. He is too close to Florence, to the Florentines, to the fans, to football, he has lived an extraordinary year and wants to start from there. And beyond the implications of the heart, even entrepreneurially today it would not be convenient to put Fiorentina on sale, it would only be a remittance, especially after the Coronavirus crisis.

therefore Rocco remains, but soon he will clearly tell the city and the fans the truth about his intentions: his dream of making a Grande Fiorentina could shatter politics and bureaucracy. If you don’t make the stadium with the related and connected investments, if you don’t increase the turnover, Fiorentina di Rocco is destined to navigate in the positions of the last few years.

And Rocco doesn’t like this, he wants to be competitive, he wants to fight, he wants to try to win, it’s in his character.

The American Dream risks being broken by the nightmares of the stadium and this the fans are also very worried. A clear and hard document has already been issued by the Pucci Coordination Center. All the fans are with Rocco and it was obvious.

What will they do now in support of their president?

Actions and positions are studied, trying to avoid political manipulation in all ways. What matters is Fiorentina and having the stadium is the good of Fiorentina, not having it is bad. Point.

But it could also happen that Nardella remembers being the metropolitan mayor and promote something feasible and viable to find a solution. I repeat this too: if the stadium were two kilometers outside the Florentine borders, in your opinion would it no longer be the stadium of Florence and Fiorentina, but of the Campigiana? Vaiavaiavava …

Speaking of football, in the last few days they have dismantled and reassembled Fiorentina. I have already read 37 names of purchases and the market has yet to begin, only to hear Joe Barone remember that “it will be a difficult market, made up of exchanges and loans”. But those mica feel it Baron … Full speed ahead.

There is some news to follow in this mare magnum, however. The other day I was telling you to Cistana del Brescia. Like it. From Germany instead tell of a interest in Mario Gotze expiring with Borussia. It’s about understanding how he is, he had several problems, but a 28-year-old player of that stature it could also be that “blow” that Joe Barone was talking about time ago. I stop here. I only know of intermediaries at work, they also proposed it to Fiorentina. But Rome and Milan are also working on it. Fiorentina is attentive, observes and can play the Ribery card, Gotze’s partner at Bayern. It will not be easy, but this is a track to keep open and with a logical sense also in relation to what Rocco wants, top names for international brand reasons. As we have told you also for the future coach.

Meanwhile, passing today, excellent news: the purple players are all negative to the buffer. Full speed ahead with training in preparation for the recovery. Between today, Lega meeting, and Thursday minister-FIGC summit, the dates for the restart will be decided. Perhaps the four recoveries on thirteenth June, the 20th the resumption of the whole championship.

Hold on for the future. Since there are no times to play 38 games and next year there are also Europeans, A 20-day Serie A is being studied for 20-21 and subsequent play-offs for the first ten, play-outs for the other ten. It is discussed, there is consent.



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