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Over 40 years of experience in real estate allow Roberto Carlino, president of Immobildream, to offer a very precise overview of the sector. To understand what will happen, in particular following the difficult moment linked to the coronavirus emergency, what the changes may be and what the challenges will be facing the sector operators, idealist / news he asked a few questions to the well-known professional who, by pronouncing the slogan “Immobildream does not sell dreams, but solid realities”, made his real estate company more recognizable than ever.

To his credit he has 45 years of experience in the‘Estate. What are the decisive changes that you have witnessed and that have affected and influenced the sector in this period of time?

“Over the years I have witnessed several events that have had a direct impact on the real estate market, in some cases causing a sudden slowdown and in others causing a strong rise. Just think of what happened in Italy in 1992 with ‘tangentopoli’ which, in addition to having brought about a political and social revolution in our country, had an immediate negative impact on the real estate market of that period, then recovered from 1998 with the so-called ‘boom Real ‘.

An event, however, that few analysts cite is much more dating back over time and concerns the introduction in Italy of the so-called fair rent in residential leases (with the law 392/78) which, in overcoming the rigidity of the old ‘blocked rents’, has contributed significantly to changing the choices of people, who have oriented themselves to the market of real estate sales, preferring to become owners of an apartment rather than paying a rent that has become, with the abolition of blocked rent, which is particularly expensive. In that period there was a significant growth in the real estate market, both in terms of the number of sales and in terms of house prices “.

In recent months an extraordinary event, the spread of the coronavirus with all its consequences, has inevitably had an impact on the sector. In his opinion, what will be the effects of this emergency on‘Real? How can Ià change the sector in the post Covid-19?

“The epidemiological emergency with which the country and the world have had to deal has resulted in a settlement of the real estate market, which was starting to give important signs of recovery after the financial crisis of the last decade.

Buying a property in 2020, with current prices, could certainly be an advantage for buyers, having to wait for the real estate market to recover from 2021. The sector must be ready to take on this new challenge, having the ability to innovate and knowing how to adapt to the changed context without ever losing the traditional and founding values ​​of our community “.

LCoronavirus emergency determinerà a change in people’s needs in the choice of‘Property?

“The pandemic that has spread throughout the world and the consequent containment measures, which among other things have imposed strong limitations on the fundamental freedoms of individuals, starting with the free movement of people, suggest a series of reflections on the concept of home and live.

In these lockdown months, people forced into their homes were able to appreciate the importance of their home, a place where they had to spend the whole day, living all day with their relatives. From this point of view, those who have been able to enjoy apartments with outdoor spaces (balconies, terraces or loggias) or even appurtenant gardens certainly experienced the period better.

I therefore expect that the people who have treasured this experience will prefer in the immediate future the purchase of apartments with outdoor spaces and equipped with the most advanced technological systems, directing their choices towards the new construction market in places not as densely populated as the center of the cities, where the historicity of the buildings lives on an architecture that does not respond, at least for the generality of people, to the aforementioned changed needs “.

During the lockdown the technology she was the great protagonist. According to her, as regards in particular l’Real estate, from now on what will beà the role played by new technologies?

“Certainly the technology and the exploitation of the related new applications will constitute an important contribution to the development of the real estate market, which moreover had recently witnessed the introduction of new modalities in the different phases that lead to the ‘conclusion of the deal’. Services that offer ‘virtual tours, home staging’ useful for the sale of properties are now a reality, as is the online supply of a series of accessory services to the sale.

Personally, however, I believe that, while sharing the development of these new technologies, the heritage created by the human and contact relationships that are established between people should never be dispersed. A potential buyer wants to be able to ‘touch’ the chosen apartment with his own hand and still needs to be advised and oriented in his choices through the meeting with qualified professionals in the sector “.

Surviving moments of crisis does not is simple. What are its indications for those who work in‘Real?

“In this period of adjustment of the real estate market, you have to invest even more in your own skills, with perseverance and dedication, facing the day with commitment and determination, believing in yourself and being convinced that the results are the direct consequence of the positive actions that each brings into being.

Seriousness, professionalism, honesty, self-denial, these are the recipes for achieving satisfactory results, especially in a moment, such as the one in which we are living, in which future prospects will be positive and growth. Of course, now we need to ‘grit our teeth’ and work hard, but I am convinced that all this will certainly pay off. ”

And what will the challenges of the future be for professionals in the sector?

“The real estate agent of tomorrow will have to be able to meet the challenge of the times we live in. He must be increasingly professional and informed, he must know how to use new technologies, but also know how to invest in his own relational and human skills. He will have to take care of every phase of the negotiations with the utmost diligence and have a serious and professional approach with his customers. Only those who manage to have a constant and responsible, competent and up-to-date working method will emerge “.

Finally, a prediction: which one canà be thereTrend in the real estate sector in the coming months?

“In recent years, the Italian real estate market had started a slow recovery from the crisis of 2010 with revenues that touched around 130 billion in 2019 (+ 3.9%), but the pandemic has temporarily stopped the recovery. All the sector indicators refer to a real estate market currently in an adjustment phase, but which will evolve in growth from the first months of next year.

The purchase of the house, which has always been considered a primary asset, will become even more the goal of people who are eager to become owners of an apartment. At this time of market adjustment, it is therefore appropriate, for those who had matured the choice to buy, to hurry to buy, having to wait for a rise in the real estate market and a rise in prices in 2021 “.

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