Robbie Williams announces the reunion with Take That on Instagram on 29 May on Instagram


The 90s have never been so close. Take That is ready for the awaited reunion which will feature Robbie Williams, Mark Owen, Gary Barlow and Howard Donald. Streaming appointment on May 29th
Between the Take That and the Backstreet Boys Francesca Baraghini chooses the TT

Chiara Piotto chooses the Backstreet Boys

The wait is skyrocketing. Friday May 29th Take That will virtually gather for a streaming concert raising money for the battle against Coronavirus (THE SPECIALUPDATESTHE MAP).

Robbie Williams: the first video of the reunion

The announcement of the expected return of one of the most iconic boybands of the 90s came directly from Robbie Williams who published a fun movie on his Instagram profile that has over two and a half million followers.

In the past few hours the voice of Feel has shared a new video, increasing even more the expectations of the public who will be able to attend the only reunion of the group 2020.

The video, which lasts a few seconds, opens with a video call from Mark Owen, Gary Barlow, Howard Donald and the fictional character Aleksandr Orlov when Robbie Williams arrives at some point. The appointment with the concert is for Friday 29 May on the YouTube channel of The Market appears.

Take That: the success of the five boys


The most famous boybands of the 90s

Five guys who revolutionized music by kicking off the wave of britpop that since the 90s has never stopped dominating the charts all over the world. Take That is one of the most revolutionary formations and loved by the public internationally.

Their career began on July 12, 1991 with the release of the debut single Do What U Like, the rest is history. The great media affirmation comes in the summer of 1993 when the song Pray, according to excerpt from the album Evrything Changes, proves to be an extraordinary success becoming the first single of the band’s twelve overall to reach the first position on the chart UK. The song remains stable at the top for four weeks coming over 430,000 copies at home and also winning two prestigious awards at the BRIT Awards: British Single of the Year is British Video of the Year.

In the following years, Take That continued their unstoppable run in the Olympus of music, offering iconic songs such as Back for Good is sure and giving life to a musical challenge with the Backstreet Boys, direct rivals from the United States of America.

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