risk of a new schism


German Catholics continue to await radical reforms on issues already exposed for some time. The risk is that of a schism with the Holy See.

The ongoing pandemic has only temporarily interrupted the work of the German “progressive bishop’s fringe”. As Il Giornale reports, the German Catholic Church does not give up on requests for liberalization. The risk is that of a “tear” with the Holy See. The source, however, wishes to specify how neither of the two actors on the field wants to reach a real “schism”. But that requests for strong changes come from Germany is nothing new.

German Church: demands on liberalization

THE there are many themes involved, albeit renowned. It goes from blessings for homosexual couples, to the abolition of priestly celibacy, to a revision of the relationship, in a progressive sense, between Catholic doctrine and homosexuality. There is no shortage, then, and here there has been a slight opening, the theme of access for women women to top roles.

The statements of Cardinal Marx

As Il Giornale reports, the recent declarations of the Cardinal Reinhard Marx refer precisely to the issue of the inclusion of women. Indeed, the Cardinal declared that Jesus Christ did not want to exclude women from power in the Church. In fact, as reported by the source, the problems do not go too far in this direction, but rather go towards issues such as the abolition of priestly celibacy. On these issues, Pope francesco “Does not want to give too much space.”

Pope Francis and Marx’s plans

In Germany, as reported by the source, many thought in support from the Pope on progressive issues. The search, however, for that “New Luther”, a reformist who can give a decisive turn to German demands, does not seem to have been successful. The reasons why many thought that Bergoglio had somehow supported Marx’s plans lies in the fact that, in some themes, a slight opening has been seen. But basically, at the moment, things are not as many Germans have predicted.

Lay opening of parishes

Where German Catholic progressives could achieve some results, reports Il Giornale, is on the theme of “Lay management of parishes”.

Cardinal Marx and Pope Francis
Cardinal Marx and Pope Francis (photo websource)

Pope Francis has started naming some women in top roles. But, based on what is learned, the Holy See will not go further. The question that arises is whether, therefore, German Catholics can seek independence precisely through that “internal council” of German Bishops already underway for some time.

Fabio Amicosante

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