Riecco Sensi: Conte is looking forward. Written future: Inter-Sassuolo agreement


A story that began in a fantastic way, between goals and spectacular games. Until that wretched October 6, the day of the super challenge of San Siro against the Juventus, Stefano Sensi was the real point of the‘Inter of Antonio Conte. Idol of the fans, key to the Nerazzurri game, never as brilliant as with the ex Sassuolo on the pitch and in good shape. Quality, quantity and personality: Sensi took very little time to enter the footballing heart of Conte and the Inter people. Then, thanks to the injuries, something, in its season, inevitably broke.

Sensi’s statistics have obviously changed for the worse, enough to push someone to talk about a risk redemption by Inter, who at the end of the current season should pay around 20 million euros into the Sassuolo coffers to definitively buy the card of the midfielder. Around him, however, the confidence of the Nerazzurri environment (and of Conte in the first place) has never been lacking.

And now that the physical problems seem definitively and finally behind, the Inter coach is looking forward to counting on him again at full speed. On the other hand, the team proved to be a two-speed car this year. Fuoriserie with Sensi on the pitch, running out of petrol without Stefano lighting up. At the resumption of the championship, Conte will start from him and from his desire to be protagonist again. With a future still in Nerazzurri colors. Why not, there is no doubt about his redemption. Gazzetta.it writes:

Today Sensi starts from 17 games played and from 1005 minutes on the pitch. And it starts again with a different spirit. The long physical push and pull is over: the quickness to get in shape can help him to be immediately brilliant. Conte’s intact confidence is another decisive stimulus: the coach with Stefano alongside Brozovic showed the best football, of course he now proposes it as a model for his Inter. Of course, now there is also Eriksen to get into the Nerazzurri mechanisms, but Sensi starts the lead because above all in coverage he knows how to be more useful than the former Tottenham. Then the ransom will be defined: Inter have to pay 20 million to Sassuolo, the parties are practically in agreement, but a sprint that is very similar to the sprint start would be further proof that the Nerazzurri with Stefano made the right choice“.

(Source: gazzetta.it)

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