Rider and corporal, in chats the digital slavery on the Uber bellboys: “If it stinks out of my balls”. Bellboys forced to beg for pay


As in a “Master and below”, a men and corporals. Uber and the company she had relied on to recruit riders on the one hand, i ciclofattorini forced to pedal day and night, with sun and snow, for 3 euros per delivery on the other. They had to submit to the rules, suffer delays in payments and do not claim the tips left by customers through the app. Otherwise a click was enough to block access to the platform, preventing him from working. And uncovered the vase, the giant of home deliveries and the brokerage company began the rebound, with cross accusations. The former believes he has always respected the Italian laws, those responsible for Flash Road City they told the Milan prosecutor that the riders for Uber are “only gods dots on a map, to be activated or blocked at will “for “Optimize the service of the platform and far to gain to Uber as much as possible. ”

As “digital slaves” – But within the 60 pages that led to commissioner of the Italian branch of the gig economy there is what investigators and the Court of Milan they feel one digital slavery, photographed by threats to riders recruited in situations of “Social exclusion” and from the messages in which some bellboys beg for days to get paid. There are no folded backs in the fields nor crammed vans that run along the provincials, but meetings in the Uber headquarters in one of the cool areas of Milan is Linkedin profiles in a suit and tie to regulate the life of migrants is asylum seekers. According to the judges, the form is different, the substance is identical: caporalato, exploitation, zero rights.

“This still has Lyka, I block it” – A conversation from the December 10, 2018 substantiates the deal well. Uber manager, Gloria Bresciani, he writes to one of the Flash Road City intermediaries, Danilo Donnini, complaining to one of the riders: “This still has Lyka, the gps it doesn’t work for him. He doesn’t know how to use his cell phone, so I don’t work. ” Donnini tries to defend the position of the company, to which Uber had put in his hand the recruitment of the cyclists: “Block him, take the bag away, but we need more, this was not supposed to work today, it is not in the shifts. ” Bresciani does not allow himself to be prayed: “I have it suspended until she changes her phone number, “replies Donnini who thanks her. Then he adds: “Anyway try to put it on a coaching so don’t waste your day tonight who is hungry “. For the judges, the manager’s emphasis on the “status of poverty and of exploitation of collaborators “explains the modus operandi, because the riders” yes will adapt to the provisions that will be imparted to him “precisely because of the state of necessity in which they find themselves.

“To eat they have to connect in the evening” – A few days later it is still Bresciani to complain about too many couriers connected to platform in the afternoon, when the requests for deliveries are low and suggests: “In my opinion, if you do not pay them in the afternoon e they have to connect in the evening to eat, you will see that they connect. Of course, if you give them the choice, they don’t give a damn and take money when it suits them. ” Messages that according to the judges photograph how Uber “was fully aware of the situation of labor and income exploitation “of the Flash Road City:” Indeed it is clear that it is Bresciani herself who to encourage his interlocutor to set up the relationship with the riders so that they connect only when Uber pays, adopting surveillance methods and payment, taking advantage of their need. ”

“Those who stink out of the balls” – A “control activity” in “stark contrast to the guarantees established by the legislator for self-employed workers” which was also requested by other Uber men, such as Roberto Galli, which in July of last year reported the complaints of a well-known fast food restaurant to Flash Road City for the expectations of the riders in front of the entrance. The brokerage firm’s reaction is ready: “Check those who camp out, who do these things here out of my balls, there is not even discussion: locked the account, finished working, instantly right … instantly. I don’t know, you see, make sure you take photos, to see them … those who bivouac, that stink, who make bullshit, out of their balls instantly … “urged colleagues one of the suspects.

Account lockout – The role of Uber is not considered secondary by the Milan court. Rather “Clearly emerges” how society “actually went to limit the freedom decision making “of the partner” through the imposition of shifts fixed. ” In support of the thesis, there are emails with the number of couriers to be placed on each shift. An activity in rider management “Quite intense” by at least “some professional figures” of Uber who “Are certainly not strangers” to the reality of “Strong exploitation, intimidation and abuse”. against riders who received 3 euros per delivery when Flash Road City, at least in Rome, was paid “On average at least 11 euros” for each parcel brought home.

Laughter for the sick rider – The capital was a problem for Uber, both in terms of accounts and distribution of the bellboys in the area. Also in December 2018, Bresciani asked for more men on bicycles to Host: “There is no way to make at least one of the three remain?”. Donnini is in difficulty: “No because they then have the last bus to their area from Terms. Wait for me to play the game jolly “. And then asks a rider “to go out on the street even if he is sick that I give him 50 euros “. Bresciani laughs and asks: “But don’t you have a friend?”. Donnini resolves: “Ok now she gets dressed and goes out. I’m too strong. ” And Bresciani, still laughing: “Well”. For the judges “it is evident” that Uber’s manager was “Fully involved” in the management of the riders, “forced to work in poor health conditions behind the promise to receive a extra bonuses which has an important economic impact on the low compensation received “.

And the rider begged for payments – However, there were also those who waited a long time for i payments, not only for the “punishments”, such as account lockout, in the event of a job that Uber and Flash Road City thought was not well done. In July 2019 the Italian top management of the San Francisco company complain that two bellboys showed up asking for the payment of payments, tips is bail left for the lunchbox. Flash Road City claims it is both fake and unpaid, but since they had “acceptance rates.” hideous, then we started to punish them (…) they’re being smart “. The reality seems to be quite different, according to the messages sent to one of the brokers’ contacts: “Good morning boss. Please I haven’t seen my payment. Please tell him to pay my money, thank you, ”is the first request. “I can only pay you on your personal account. We can no longer pay on friends’ accounts, “respond from Flash Road City. In the following week, requests continue: “Please know that I don’t have a bank account since then. Please pay me as you always paid ”. And again: “Today I went to open a bank account (…) But they said without resident card they can’t open a bank account for me. ” The rider seems to receive no reply: “Please answer me. What am I supposed to do now. I tried the best I could to open this account (the bank account, ed). Please, you know it not through my fault. Please it is very difficult for me “. After more than a week, the last request: “That’s how it is you will treat me really badly after a lot of work I’ve been doing for 8 months now. ”

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