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Relief, joy, anger, pride, despair, surprise and embarrassment: Daniel Ricciardo he opened in his diary telling the strongest emotions felt driving an F1. The first installment of this new chapter in the Australian driver’s memoirs opened with the races that gave more relief to the future McLaren driver. In the second, however, it was Sunday time in the sign of joy and anger. In this third episode it is the turn of pride and despair. The 2012 Japanese Grand Prix and the 2014 German Grand Prix cause the Australian driver to swell his chest, while the 2018 race in Mexico evokes profound discomfort. Below is Ricciardo’s analysis.

2012 Japanese Grand Prix and German Grand Prix 2014 – In Suzuka in the final laps I had Michael Schumacher behind me in the fight for tenth place and I managed to keep him behind winning the point. It was my first full season in F1, so it was a result I am proud of. In the following race, during the meeting reserved for us drivers, he congratulated me on how I had defended myself. It was wonderful to receive free and genuine congratulations from the Kaiser. In Germany in 2014 then … until then I had not earned the respect of Fernando Alonso. In that race he came out of the pits behind me with cooler tires, we engaged in a duel that lasted several laps even though he should have left me in place with new tires. The fight was fierce, but clean, after that race he said some nice things about me, I think his perception towards me changed on that Sunday.

Mexican Grand Prix 2018 – I was back from a weekend to forget in Austin and on Saturday I managed to scoff Max Verstappen in the fight for pole position, he had dominated all the free sessions, but in qualifying I managed to beat him. The race, however, was miserable, even before the start there were problems with the power unit and the shot was bad. With the strategy I managed to get back into a good position, I could close in second place, but once again I had to park the car due to a technical problem. During those two weekends I didn’t like my job.

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