Revenue Agency: stop in installments, files and foreclosures until 31 August and news on scrapping


Suspension of installments and new files until the end of August and stop the foreclosures in progress. But also methods of accessing new tax credits for rents or for sanitizing and purchasing protection devices for workers. Or the VAT on the masks, which will be deductible. The Revenue Agency’s vademecum on the tax news contained in the relaunch decree is here.

The 2020 installments of the “scrapping-ter” and the “balance and excerpt”, if not paid at the due dates, they can be paid by December 10th without losing the facilities and without additional charges. Softer rules are coming for installments in place or requested by August 31st. It is also possible to pay off the installments of the payment plans of the “scrapping-ter” or the “balance and write-off” lapsed due to the failure to pay the installments expired in 2019. It is also clarified that while issuing the related documents by 31 December at controls expiring in 2020, it will notify taxpayers only in 2021, without charging interest.

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