revealed the possible causes of the delay


The month of June is almost upon us and there is still no trace of Sony’s announcement of the event that will feature the highly anticipated reveal of PlayStation 5. However, it seems that the delay of this announcement has a precise reason.

According to what was declared by the videogame journalist Alanah Pierce in the last episode of the podcast Kinda Funny Games Dailyin fact, Sony has not announced the games or shown the appearance of PlayStation 5 since it is willing to make a perfect presentation. The company’s goal was to create a flawless movie with the help of a small team of professionals (we are talking about 30 people). Unfortunately this was not possible and the Japanese giant therefore preferred to let their fans wait rather than offer them a poor quality presentation.

We know that communication in these cases is essential and a simple misstep could cause enormous damage to the image of a giant like Sony, which would therefore explain the current situation. In any case, there is nothing to fear, as the rumors about the June event are more and more concrete and the same update of the official PlayStation 5 site is a clear indication of the console’s imminent reveal. To confirm this hypothesis is also the recent corridor rumor according to which the production of PS5 has already started in Japan.

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