Return in September with firm staff and small classrooms, for Giannelli (Anp) it will be ‘mission impossible’


The indications of the Scientific Technical Committee on the return to class in September leave too many responsibilities for school heads and above all they are impractical: it is supported by school managers, who fear being left alone to manage a complex and inherent risk situation.

Giannelli: the experts “don’t give solutions”

He does not send them to say Antonello Giannelli, president of the National Headquarters Association, according to which the document sent by the Scientific Technical Committee to the Department of Education “does not offer solutions, it also carries out useful reflections”, but postpones its implementation “to school managers: we must evaluate the study of the CTS well but I would not like to do the principal became a kind of mission impossible“.

Speaking with the Ansa agency, the union leader of the principals claims that with the document the experts ask “to make a circle square that no one can make a square but do not give solutions”.

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In large centers, spaces and teachers are needed

According to Giannelli, “the realities in Italy are very diverse: while in the big cities the crowding in the schools is strong, in the small centers the schools are often empty, where you could go back to class even now”.

According to the leader of the PNA, school leaders in large cities would need to have many classrooms, surfaces, other teachers to be able to create a greater number of classes: “but if organic and the classes are what they are, the buildings are old, very inflexible and sometimes not up to standard, how does a school manager do it? ”

Giannelli says that “abroad is different, there are many spaces. The reality is that in Italy for decades you don’t invest in school construction, you don’t build new schools and you can’t real-time adapt schools to student flows “.

Just remember that according to a recent national study, only 200 billion would be needed to bring the existing school building heritage up to standard.

The pandemic made the problems clear

A few hours later, from the website, the ANP union returns to “denounce the impossibility for school managers to safely manage the reopening of schools without adequate (and permanent) system interventions being implemented first”.

“Sl beyond individual critical aspects – almost inapplicable provisions on distancing in recreational moments, the strong interference with the teaching of the meal eaten in the classroom and more – it is necessary that the Central Administration urgently resolve some age-old problems, made more evident by the stress test caused by the pandemic “.

You need to know what to do

Faced with this, warns the PNA, it is not possible to give generic indications, which then everyone will apply as they see fit.

For the first union of principals “a safety protocol must be formulated in a timely manner which you outline precisely the measures to be taken, in order to limit the evaluation margin of the individual school realities and to ensure maximum safety for all; the autonomy of individual schools must be supported through a conspicuous adjustment of economic resources (appreciable but not sufficient those provided for by article 231 of Legislative Decree 34/2020) and above all by human ones, with a timely implementation of the provisions of article 232 of the same Legislative Decree 34 on school building and a profound remodeling of the time frames “.

Anp asks to “sburocratize and streamline the action of school managers, eliminating any overlap of competence with the collegial bodies in the management of human, economic and instrumental resources; ensure the recruitment in September of the competition winning DSGAs; and lastly review employer criminal liability in accident matters, as we have repeatedly requested, to make it fair and sustainable “.

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