Return in September, Technical Committee: masks for students and teachers for the entire duration of the lessons. Hand washes when entering the classroom


Personal hygiene and masks, two weapons that according to the Committee are fundamental to prevent the school from becoming a receptacle for infections when schools are reopened in September.

Personal hygiene

For the Committee, it is necessary to make sanitizing products (hydroalcoholic solution dispenser) or based on other active ingredients available (provided that the product bears the registration or authorization number of the Ministry of Health) ”

Hand hygiene handouts for students and school staff should be placed in multiple locations in the school building and, in particular, in each classroom to allow hand hygiene when entering the classroom. priority is given to washing hands with water and neutral soap.


As for the masks, these must be worn by the staff (the school will guarantee it daily) and by the pupils who will have to wear it for the entire stay in the school premises.

This may be surgical or community-based, subject to due exceptions (e.g. physical activity, meal break).


Even for all non-teaching staff, in the common areas, the same spacing rules of at least 1 meter must be guaranteed, also wearing the surgical mask.

A suitable procedure must be identified for the reception and isolation of any subjects (students or other school staff) who may experience respiratory symptoms and fever. In this case, the subject must be immediately equipped with a surgical mask if equipped with a community mask and the necessary assistance must be activated according to the indications of the local health authority.

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