Return in September, measures of the Scientific Technical Committee. Discharge: no fever measurement, yes mask, one meter spacing


MI press release – Back to school in the presence, but also and above all in complete safety

This is the objective of the Government and the Ministry of Education, which today received the document with the measures for the return in September from the Coronavirus emergency technical committee set up.

“The government is working to bring all the students back to the classroom. This document is the frame in which to insert the overall reopening plan: a few simple rules, feasible solutions that will allow us to return safely to the desks, “explains Minister Lucia Azzolina. “This document will be joined by that of the Committee of experts of the Ministry of Education which will offer ideas that look to the recovery in September, but also beyond: the exit from this emergency, as we have always said, must become an extraordinary push to improve the education system and to promote educational innovation ”.

“From the Technical-Scientific Committee comes an important contribution to reopen our schools safely. The Government will devote all energy to this goal, “continues the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza.

“What was done for the school was a demanding job, which aims to reconcile the containment of the risk of contagion with the recovery of normal activities for students and workers in the world of education. It will be important, in the coming weeks, to maintain caution and responsibility in everyone’s behavior in order to guarantee the return to class in September “, closes Agostino Miozzo, coordinator of the technical-scientific committee.

The physical distancing, hygiene and prevention measures are the cornerstones of the document. An interpersonal spacing of at least one meter is expected, also considering the movement space. This distance will be guaranteed in the classrooms, with a consequent reorganization of the internal layout, for example, of the desks, but also in the laboratories, in the main hall, in the school theaters. You pass two meters for the activities carried out in the gym.

The eating the meal at school it must be absolutely preserved, explains the document, but always guaranteeing distancing through the management of spaces, times (shifts) of use and, in residual form, also through the eventual supply of the meal in a “lunch box” for consumption in the classroom.

They will go limited gatherings in the common areas. The outdoor spaces will be enhanced for the performance of recreation, motor activities or for scheduled educational activities.

There presence of parents on school premises should be reduced at the minimum. Again to avoid the risk of gathering, all possible organizational measures will be privileged to differentiate the entry and exit of the students, through the hourly staggering or making available all the access routes of the school building.

All ‘entrance to the school will not require the detection of body temperature. But anyone who has a respiratory symptomatology or temperature above 37.5 ° will have to stay at home. It will be important for everyone to respect this rule to reduce the possibility of contagion.

Each school reality will proceed to one mapping and reorganization of its spaces in relation to the number of pupils and the consistency of the staff with the aim of ensuring as much as possible face-to-face teaching, also by making use of extra spaces thanks to collaborations with the territories and local authorities.

Before the reopening of the school there will be one thorough cleaning of all spaces. Cleaning will then have to be done daily. They will be made available dispenser with sanitizing products in several points of the school.

You will need to wear the mask.

Pupils over 6 years of age must bring it for the entire period of stay in school premises, subject to due exceptions, for example when doing physical activity, during meals or questions, as will already happen for the II cycle State Exams .

Kindergarten students should not wear a mask, as provided for children under 6 years of age. No additional protective devices are needed.

Special exercises may be organized for all school staff to familiarize themselves with the planned measures.


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