REPUBLIC – Osimhen-Napoli, Lille sets the price: Arsenal does not scare De Laurentiis


Today’s edition of the newspaper Repubblica, in the space reserved for football, accounts in the pocket of President Aurelio De Laurentiis in Naples.

The Naples of De Laurentiis, as reported in today’s edition of the newspaper Republic, has a treasury of 142 million euros. For this reason, in the offices of Castel Volturno they were not even frightened by the competition from Arsenal, which will try to transform the negotiations for the promising Nigerian center forward into a wild auction Victor Osimhen, 21 years. Lille values ​​it 55 million and the British are ready to relaunch, as had happened for Pepé last summer.

This time, however, the ending of the story may be different and the merit is proper to economic solidity. In the short term, the millions for the sales of Milik, Allan and Lozano, with whom Aurelio De Laurentiis will be able to afford to face the next market without fear of competition, especially that of Italian clubs, could also enter the blue corporate coffers. Napoli is one of the few clubs to have perfectly balanced accounts.

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