Replace Pierre? Very complicated, there are few players like that


Dinamo Banco di Sardegna general manager Federico Pasquini spoke on Dinamo TV during the third episode of “Mercato at KM Zero”, the in-depth program on market negotiations for European companies

“We are still counting and evaluating the damage caused by Covid-19, only later will we have a precise idea of ​​the means by which we can go on the market. We would not like to change our philosophy that this year has paid off and therefore as already said several times by other company figures we would like to start again with the main backbone of the last seasons, to have a team with internal game, skilled players in low post and a physical 3 . To date we are honestly moving step by step, we will make an attempt to convince Dwayne Evans to still be ours and according to his choice if we can build the new Dinamo with 3/5 of the quintet confirmed we think continuity can be a great value added in view of the start of the 2020-21 season “.

How do you replace Dyshawn Pierre?

“It is very complicated since there are few players like this, but I think it is nice to be able to start a path like we did with Pierre who, before his experience in Dinamo, played in the last team of the German league. We made sure that he could find confidence and that he had the possibility of making mistakes, all this in the three seasons in Sassari allowed him to grow and become the player he is today. So either we will find a guaranteed player like it was with Bootsy Thornton or I see it hard because it is a complicated market and the characteristics of the numbers three are almost always perimeter and of great quality with characteristics much closer to the two. I believe that you cannot take big names but you will have to think more of a player of a lower level with whom you can work to grow together “.

It concerns the episode of “Mercato a KM Zero”

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