Reopenings, Southern OK needed for the go-ahead on June 3


Reopenings, the Southern OK is needed:

Reopen the mobility of the country, even in the face of controversial data in Lombardy is Piedmont, as long as the governors of the South put in writing that their non-belligerence. That is, they renounce any form of quarantine o request for a health passport for those coming from the regions of North. It is one of the scenarios on which the government is reasoning in view of Friday, when the report cards of the various regions will be known and on the basis of those it will be established whether to trigger mobility between a territory.

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The wait is for the data that will be provided by the Ministry of Health which has started monitoring in the regions and which will allow us to understand if it is possible to reopen to intra-regional movements as early as next June 3 or instead wait another week at least in some regions where the nightlife goes crazy and worries the presidents of the region.
The latter continue to urge the government to put in place the new guidelines that should also avoid the “do it yourself” of the governors. The possible and impromptu initiatives of the presidents of the regions concern Ministers Di Maio and Boccia and the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte himself who yesterday again addressed the problem of reopening during the majority meeting called to discuss also election day.

The prime minister’s attempt is almost pedagogical towards the majority and opposition parties. Missing the last step, that of the total reopening of the country, could in fact cost a lot. It is for this reason that data from two regions that have been under observation for a long time are carefully evaluated: Piedmont and Lombardy. Two regions where cases drop, but the new infections continue to represent more than half of the national number. On the other hand, seen on the contrary, the fear of the central-southern governors are the asymptomatic Lombard or Piedmontese who, on vacation in Puglia, Calabria or Sicily, could create outbreaks of infected that the South has not known so far.

Boccia and Fontana reasoned yesterday on this aspect, the minister and the governor after the violent clashes of Phase 1 both agreed on the “caution” to be adopted in view of June 3.
The awareness of how delicate this last step is emerged from the president of the Lombardy Region. “I am the first to not want to commit missteps,” was the governor’s reasoning. The decisions are tied to the data, and based on those the government will take a decision on the mobility of Lombardy (and also of Piedmont).
But in Milan almost a resignation begins to wind up in what in Rome, government sources call “the last sacrifice, necessary”.

Mayor Beppe Sala asked for speed in communicating the possible extension of the closure of the regional borders: “We cannot know the day before”. So far the North-West front, then there is the South, which is precisely starting to leak out selections and rules of engagement for those arriving from the North. “It would be unpleasant,” says Boccia about a do-it-yourself organization of governors in managing flows. And from the Ministry of Health comes a further stop, which seems to definitively reject any road that includes health passports. «Neither for the immune nor for the negatives», they cut short from the dicastery led by Roberto Speranza.

The government therefore takes all scenarios into consideration. The first, the best: in front of homogeneous positive data in the country, the green light erga omnes. The second: the closure of the borders for a week-ten days of the regions still at risk.

The third: an opening for everyone, even in the face of “controversial data”, provided that the governors of the South sign a pact, a sort of authorization, which commits them not to erect “sanitary walls” for those coming from the North. A chess game that still focuses on the search for a common and shared line.

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