Reopenings, first post-lockdown weekend feared. A thousand anti-movida agents in Rome


Reopenings, first post-lockdown weekend feared. A thousand anti-movida agents in Rome

Nightlife fans are getting into Phase 2 what the runners were during the lockdown: potential spreadersManzonian word back in vogue in Italy with the coronavirus. The risk of contagion due to gatherings around the premises is much greater than that represented by the runners and so, in view of an almost summer weekend, the Ministry of Interior strengthens controls and the presidents of the Region threaten new ordinances. To avoid other scenes such as those on the Navigli in Milan, at the Vucciria in Palermo, in Naples and in other cities. Meanwhile, sources from the Ministry of Health deny that the reopening of regional borders will only take place between homogeneously infected territories.

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Atlantia, stop the extraordinary investments on the highways: now we go to the legal channels

The first weekend after leaving lockdown it worries because the downward curve of the epidemic seems to have brought people back to the street for the usual amusements, everywhere, from North to South. In Rome alone, the police headquarters will deploy about a thousand law enforcement officers to monitor nightlife, avoid gatherings and sanction who will not respect distances and use of the mask, including the managers of the premises if too tolerant. Fines can go up to 3 thousand euros. The fear of the governors is that the overcrowding may create new outbreaks and put at risk the reopening of the productive activities which started again on May 18th. The horizon is now that of returning to mobility between regions from 3 June. However, the rumors that the move will only take place between Regions with the same level of contagion are denied by the Ministry of Health.

Phase 2, outdoor physical activity and children’s play areas, cinemas and theaters and restaurants: the document of the Regions

Decisions on openings of borders will be taken on the basis of the end-month epidemiological data. And according to the latest report of the Higher Institute of Health (ISS), all regions present a low risk, except Valle d’Aosta (low-moderate) and Lombardy which remains under observation. For the moment, mayors and governors are currently engaged mainly in the launch of new anti-movida ordinances. In the front line the sheriff Vincenzo De Luca in Campania, which has delayed the opening of many businesses compared to the rest of the country and is now targeting i “Peasants” – he calls them – I decided to stay up late on the street. “We take this opportunity to humanize the moments of meeting – he says – so that we do not cringe of alcohol and drugs” and announces the “closing of the bars at 23”. Meanwhile, a few days after the opening, the Real Bosco di Capodimonte in Naples closes. “Too many infractions”, the motivation. In the Conference of the Regions, the presidents of the North – the areas most affected by Covid-19 – are pushing to find some normality that intercepts the summer tourist season.

Rome, herd of wild boars drags the dumpster out onto the street and turns it upside down

On Monday in Emilia-Romagna, water parks, zoos, amusement parks and traveling show attractions will reopen. In Puglia, however, Michele Emiliano threatens to close the premises if the owners do not enforce the mandatory mask and the ban on gathering. In a swing between the desire to start again and the fear of epidemiological relapses. The Minister of Regional Affairs Francesco Boccia has undertaken to further simplify the procedures in Phase 2, with the aim of “a single proposal shared by the Autonomy system on the unbureaucratization and on the reduction of time for companies to submit to government and Minister of Public Administration, Fabiana Dadone, in view of the next simplification law decree ». The next few days will be crucial to see if the infections go up and how much. So eyes on the weekend on the nightlife, but the secretary Pd Zingaretti urges not to consider “the young of the greasers”. “We must not criminalize them – he says -. They are the main victims of this period, from the point of view of education, work and in the future of public debt. “They must be made responsible – says the mayor of Bari and president of the Antonio Decaro Municipalities Association – not criminalized”.

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